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  • _mr__x_ 6w

    You , You, You & Just You

    Are Awsm❤️

  • _mr__x_ 7w

    What we think in our mind doesn't matter ...

    What you do for world , its matter...!

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  • _mr__x_ 12w

    I am who I am because of the worst that happened between us.

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  • _mr__x_ 17w

    When a lady is pregnant, all her friends touch her stomach and say "Congrats!" But none of them come and touch the man's penis and Say "Well done!"

    Moral : Hard work is never appreciated. Only result matters.


  • _mr__x_ 18w

    Period pain
    9 month of pregnancy
    Single mother
    Breast cancer
    Being lied to
    Cheated on
    But still Standing tall
    Women Are The Strongest
    Creatures Alive


  • _mr__x_ 18w

    "Kuch baate ignore kro to"
    : btmiz, beshram, kuch shrm hi nhi hai isme

    "Kuch baato ko dil per le lo to"
    : kayar, emotinal,itni si baat nhi sahan ker pata