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  • _navyagupta_ 10w

    The love that we receive,
    The positive vibes that flow,
    The miracles that we witness,
    It's all magic- you should know.

    The world in which we live,
    Is filled with magic everywhere
    Believe in magic,
    Because MAGIC IS IN THE AIR!

  • _navyagupta_ 10w

    What do you think, soothes your soul when you hear the birds chirping around you?
    It is all magic!

    Day changes to night and night changes to day,
    Dewdrops appear on leaves,
    The sun shines bright today.
    The tantalizing aroma of food,
    And because of this- our calm mood,
    Makes us realise that magic exists!

  • _navyagupta_ 10w


    Magic is here and there,
    Magic is anywhere
    Magic is everywhere,
    Magic is in the air!

    It exists in forms you can't see,
    But you definitely know how it makes you feel,
    What do you think, makes you ecstatic when you see the blue infinity above you?

  • _navyagupta_ 12w

    You can help in the household chores
    We can-
    wash the dishes
    Clean the room
    Learn how to cook food
    And these opportunities increase more and more

    We all are creative
    We all are talented
    We all are innovative
    We all are fantastic!

    Let's gets out of our comfort zone,
    Let's explore
    And utilise our time
    For every other person in the world,
    Be a ray of sunshine!!

  • _navyagupta_ 12w

    Just because we are self-quarantined
    Just because we can't go out
    Doesn't mean it's boring,
    We've got a chance to bring our hidden genius out

    We all are developing a hobby
    We all are developing a habit
    We all are discovering new things
    The things that make us ecstatic!

    Quarantine gives us a lot of opportunities
    You can-
    Improve ourselves
    Live in unity
    Get out of our comfort zone
    And be your better self!

  • _navyagupta_ 12w

    Quarantine life is amazing,
    Only if you think so
    It's all about what you are thinking,
    Quarantine life offers us to grow

    You can do anything productive
    You can discover your talents
    You can be more active
    You can be excellent

    Whatever you do
    Whatever you learn
    Doing it with passion
    Makes you have fun!

  • _navyagupta_ 12w