sengil chukka hamnidha joonie oppa ��

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  • _nikithasharmabts_rare 5h

    In her
    In the
    - Nikitha Sharma

  • _nikithasharmabts_rare 1w

    Ó dear Music,
    I speak my whole heart
    To you , just by listening you.
    Please, never stop
    Listening to me.

  • _nikithasharmabts_rare 1w

    I am not what
    You see,
    And I don't want to
    Be the one, whom
    You don't see.

  • _nikithasharmabts_rare 1w

    She caressed my soul,
    Like the light of apricity in
    My dark winters.

    She walked along with me,
    On those alew paths of mine, holding my hands,
    Leaving the aroma of love on my fingertips.

    A beautiful and mesmerizing star,
    Appears infront of me, when an euphonic sound
    Of Love pass through my veins.

    She wore the cologne of love,
    Filling all those empty, liveless parts of my soul,
    Into the Oasis of love.

    She calls me k i d d o,
    Making me dance frolicly
    With the music notes of her love song.

    She is a star of love,
    Into the caelum of purple clouds,
    Whom we call btslove...
    Wish you a very happy birthday @btslove eonniieee ��������
    I know this is not so good. Sorry...��..I am not at all good at wishing birthdays.
    May you live many more years happily ��❤️��
    Thank you very much for being my dearest eonniieee ��
    Thank you very much for being my chinguuuuyyaa ����
    I wish we would make many more memories together ��
    Stay healthy eonniieee ��

    Happy birthday my LOVE eonniieee ����

    #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    She is a star of love,
    Into the caelum of purple empyrean,
    Whom we call btslove...
    - Nikitha Sharma

  • _nikithasharmabts_rare 1w

    #leaf #mirakee #writersnetwork

    Thriving as a verdant and
    Ethereal leaf,
    She grew into a resilient cheif.
    Resisting all those downpours and hailstorms,
    She grew into a queen.
    Emblished with the elysian crown,
    She wobbled wearing crymson red gown.
    Admiring the Helios she shone bright,
    Giving the grammary of halycon at every sight.
    While falling from her abditory,
    Zephyr recited " She will Rise High",
    Even after she dies.
    There she lies dead,
    But still decorating those weary paths,
    Embracing her mother earth,
    With her Beautiful cloth.
    Soon her soul was smothered
    Under the niveous land,
    Again thriving as a leaf,
    On this sweven land.
    - Nikitha Sharma

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    // Zephyr recited "she will rise High"
    Even if she dies//
    -Nikitha Sharma

  • _nikithasharmabts_rare 2w

    Even those dark red
    Roses laugh at
    me, For not
    Being born for
    But, rather Made for
    those thorns.

  • _nikithasharmabts_rare 2w

    And she came,
    Sliding on the pane,
    Resting on those dark iron grills,
    Calling me with her pitter patter foot steps.
    I peeped out, rubbing the murky glass,
    And there I knew , she is finally here,
    Bringing the ebullient smile on my tanned face.
    I went out, and tried to held her with my rough palms,
    But she slid down, as if wanting to play the tantrums of a little child.
    I giggled, she rumbled,
    She embraced me from the top,
    I embraced her in my dark black eyes.
    Soon, we were tired, craving to rest,
    I sat on the ground, with the thump sound, and
    She caressed each part of my face.

    And now it was the
    time to bid a farewell
    To each other.
    She left me with a peck of kiss
    On my forehead,
    As the last gift.

    I went inside, sitting again at my window,
    Waiting for her, to come back again,
    With the brook of my happiness.
    But, little I knew, that even she was
    Longing to see the mesmerizing eyes of mine,
    And so she sat on the leaf of that huge Gulmohar tree.
    From there she peeped through my window,
    Smiling at each flip of my
    Wet messy hair.

    But, now she has to leave,
    As her father has come, shining bright,
    Dangling from that azure sky.
    She has to leave now
    So that she can come again....
    - Nikitha Sharma

    Penned on 11/09/2020
    Friday, 01:26 p.m
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #ebullientc @writersbay
    It rained here, after a long time ..and I am very happy ...

    Here 'she' refers to rain.
    And her 'father' refers to 'sun'.

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    She has to leave now
    So that she can come again...

  • _nikithasharmabts_rare 2w

    She walked on the
    Bed of thorns,
    Wearing the cologne
    Of optimism.
    - Nikitha Sharma

  • _nikithasharmabts_rare 3w

    There she stood,
    Smiling at me,
    Showering all her light upon me.

    She is my sunshine,
    Looking whom, even my
    Dark shadows left behind.

    She is my sunshine,
    Watching whom even those colourful butterflies,
    Dance frolicly, flapping their wings.

    She is my sunshine,
    Who always appear to me wearing the tiara of seven coloured rainbow,
    Which connects all those purple souls from the far end.

    She is my sunshine,
    After getting glimpse of her,
    Even that touch me not plant longs to feel her touch.

    She is my sunshine,
    Who creates our purple universe,
    With her divenly peace and warmth of her presence.

    Wish you a very happy birthday @thesunshineloves eonniieee ��. You are the cause of our euphoria. Sengil chukka hamnidha tae tae ❤����.
    You are magical eonniieee ����

    P.S : I am so sorry. I know this is lame, coz I am very bad at wishing birthdays.

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    //the real sun shine was born today,
    Seeing whom even the creator fell in
    Love with her, calling

  • _nikithasharmabts_rare 4w

    Those crumbled papers,
    Of my book, with your name
    Scribbled in it, still
    scream each memory of
    Our entangled fake love.
    Every single strike with my broken pen,
    Turn those scribbles into an
    invisible scars at the back.
    The fragrance of those dried
    Petals of lily, betwixt the pages,
    Smells about our fake love.

    //Those love smileys, at the last
    of those Long poetries,
    Now seep their tears,
    Drenching the paper into
    the ocean of our fake love//

    Now each creases of the paper,
    Describes about the broken heart
    Of a true love, into thousand parts.
    Those ellipses at the last of
    Those love poetries to describe the never ending love,
    Now became the period,
    Describing the end....
    _ Nikitha Sharma
    Penned on 02/09/10
    4:49 p.m.

    P.S: this is just so random :||
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Those papers..

    //those love smileys
    At the end of those
    long love poetries,
    Now seep their tears,
    Drenching the paper
    into the ocean of the fake love//