Humility in my ❤️ and Sky in my ��

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    By unknown writer

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    Coz , it's raining....��️��️

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    Saawan Ka mahina️
    Pa1 kare shorr...
    Jiyara se jhume aise
    Jaise man ma nache mor.

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    Waiting ��❣️

    One day ill have to step out and explore the world
    I will meet all kind of people,
    but I want to say you that ,
    for every hectic day there is a peaceful night. (vice versa)
    Likewise for every bad , there is a good
    It's just how we deal with it .
    So I don't want you to stop me
    from trying anything that I like.
    Because being an overprotective and over possessive makes a relationship bitter.

    I don't want you to always be with me when I fall ,
    Incase if I fall , I want you to with a first-aid kit and then encourage me for another try..��

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  • _optimist_ 2d

    Who is gentleman ?��
    You know man has a stereotype..
    There's a big macho hype.
    He will earn for house
    He will protect women
    He never cries and is never weak...��
    I always thought this is not right .

    I never wanted to be a hero , a saviour or a superman.
    I wanted to be the one who could cry , express and protect...
    That kind of a Man.��
    I get emotional in Hindi and I sing in Punjabi ,
    That kind of a Man.
    I don't know how to knot a tie
    but I can cook well ....
    How well do you speak English , I don't care
    Gay , straight , which caste ? I don't care

    I know that the ads have told you
    to play it too cool and
    fathers asked you to be disciplined
    as if you are always in school.

    He said "Be a Gentleman "
    he didn't said that ,
    it is bad for a Man to be Gentle.
    Because you have to save your so called honour.

    You have to wear that magic perfume
    then only girls will fall for you...
    but why will they fall ?
    They should never fall.
    Whenever I am, I should be there support....❣️

    Be it pink or floyd pink ,
    he can choose anything between the two.
    If there is darkness ,
    he can be scared too.
    He has also suffered violence,
    he has also been abused by patriarchy,
    A burden to grow up quickly
    is put upon him.
    He is taught to cover his heart and be strong .

    Please don't put labels on him
    with buses, cars and toy guns ....
    when he is still a kid...

    It's not necessary for him to be a good driver,
    being good with machines,
    The only condition of being a real man ,
    is that he should be true to himself.....

    It's not important to have guitar,
    or passion that looks cool or try to woo every girl.
    I may have a car , maybe each ride is a pool ...

    Sometimes, I take care of the kids , I make tea for Her.☺️

    There are many differences between a boy and a girl
    and this differences are beautiful ,
    I know...
    But I think to discriminate is the biggest sin,
    Maybe that's why I tell my son,
    Rather than pulling chair...
    Or opening a door ,
    Be the first one to speak
    If there is anything wrong .

    A six pack doesn't make a man ,
    Neither by big cheque ,
    Nor by shouting or beating
    Or by hiding the tears...

    In fact , the one who can truly feel
    is a true Man .❤️
    Whether you are sleeping on a carpet or walking on red carpet ,
    let me remind you ,
    You are the most powerful as long as their lives a #Gentleman in you.��

    Bring out the #Gentleman in you!!!

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    Credits :
    Written by Gaurav Solanki
    You tube : The Man Company
    Ft. Ayushmann Khurana.

  • _optimist_ 4d

    Credits : An unknown scene from a Hollywood movie , I guess....I don't know about this movie but this conversation ....ahh ��
    So now I present it to you as #chakoodiibakudii talks��

    Pov: (Two Friends named Bakudi and Chakoodii)
    When Bakudi was sad and Chakoodii like a genuine Friend trying to make her understand....

    Chakoodii : Sometimes the people we like don't like us back and it's painful , but
    there is nothing we can do about it.

    Bakudii : You don't understand....

    Chakoodii : I do understand ,
    I know what it is like when someone doesn't feel the same way about you.

    Bakudii : It's... someone I can't stop thinking about. It hurts

    Chakoodii : I know , but you can't make people like you....

    Bakudii : It's not like , It's love....

    Chakoodii : Yes ,
    but love is not about grand gestures....Or the moon and the stars....
    It's just dumb luck.....
    Sometimes you meet somebody who feels the same way, then sometimes you are unlucky...
    But one day you are going to meet someone who appreciates you for who you are,
    I mean there are 7.8 billion people ...and
    I know one of them is gonna climb up on a moon for you.

    Bakudii : Really !!

    Chakoodii : Yeah ! you are brilliant
    You are very dedicated....and there will be one who understands this ......��☺️

    So , again Chakoodii like a genuine Friend didn't misguided her friend but make her understand to deal with the situation....����☺️
    Dosti ho toh aisi.....#ChakoodiiBakudii Jaisi....��

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    Chakoodii is always there for Bakudii's rescue

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    Makes life easier and beautiful...❣️

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    Capture the erroneous
    Unfold the Truth

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    Hello Mitron, Kem Cho?��

    Translation of a Hindi song��
    Can you guess this song?

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    You came into my life like a spring season,
    Stay in my heart forever.....

    Stay in my heart forever
    like love ,
    You dwell in my eyes as countless dreams...

    You came into my life like a spring season...