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  • _pritam_ 22h

    Sometimes I think to save my
    Quote in a draft before posting,
    so that it can help if I forget it later.
    But the Irony is,
    I even forget to
    take such prevention
    to not to Forget things.


  • _pritam_ 2w

    Today I withdrew Money from the ATM for the 1st time in 6 months. After seeing the balance sheet, suddenly realized that half the year has already passed by staying at home with doing NOTHING ��

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    Pichle 6 mahine me aaj pehli baar ATM se paisa nikala.
    Tavi Balance sheet ko dekh ke realise hua,
    "Oh Shit!
    Ghar pe pade pade adha saal nikal gaya."



  • _pritam_ 3w

    Sometimes some easy decisions ended up giving the deadliest pain.


  • _pritam_ 5w

    You never know,
    how a great day turns into a disaster within seconds with just one bad step.
    You just never know


  • _pritam_ 6w


    You don't need to show off to be a true Deshbhakt.
    If you're, then YOU ARE.
    As simple as that.
    Jai Hind


  • _pritam_ 8w


    Tears work as the unbreakable foundation of layer
    A Smile gives the end touch of Finishing.


  • _pritam_ 9w

    Dil Bechara

    Laakhon Sapne pal bhar me toot gaye,
    Jab ush ne saath chodi thi.
    Dil Bechara hua tha tab,
    Par kuch likhne ki khayal bhi toh tabhi ayi thi.


  • _pritam_ 9w

    Mere Zindagi mein tum ayi ho baharon ki tarah,
    Ruk jaana mere paas saanshon ki tarah.

    Tumhare bina Zindagi lagti hai adhuri si,
    Yeh bata do kab banogi meri tum puri si.

    Dar lagta hai kahin tumhe kho na dun,
    Dil karta hai tumhe apni saanshon me basa dun.

    Tum haan kar do toh tumhe rakh lun apne paas,
    Kyun ki bas tum hi ho sab se khaas.


  • _pritam_ 9w

    Just a Senseless Conversation

    Friend:- Bhai Mask pehen le.
    It's High time, Corona time
    Me:- Bro, I am a Non Smoker and still survived with two of my Ganjaholic Harami Roommates in the Hostel.
    So yeh Corona mera kya hi bigaad lega?

    (P.S:- It's just for fun.
    Never say no to Mask,
    Else you guys know it better)

  • _pritam_ 10w

    LOVE is the Easiest topic to write a Quote on but it's not necessary to follow those beautiful words to make it Perfect.
    A few words can't define what Love is. To be honest nothing can truly define what Love actually is? It's all the imperfections within itself does make it Perfect
    what anything else can't.

    Dedicated one ♥️