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  • _raahi 10w


    You know yourself better than anyone else. You're aware of your own limitations. You're aware of your own potentials. You know about your own problems and you have your own solutions too to face them. You know about the social realities and you also understand the cultural and religious differences among the people. But still you compare yourself with others and deny to accept the real yourself. If you won't accept the real yourself then whom you're expecting to do so. Just to get the temperory pleasures you ignore the facts and choose bluffy emotions. You have ability to think by your own but still you choose to opt what others ask you to do. And at the end, as a very familiar behaviour, you always see the sadness in each face by neglecting all the optimistic thoughts you can have. Then you overthink on the incidents that didn't even happened to you and then you make yourself sad about it. And you're not even able to explain the cause of your extreme sadness to even your closed ones, and then you make your side clear by naming it as meloncholy.


  • _raahi 44w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short write-up on Delicious

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    I licked & repeated the same again, damn delicious!.

  • _raahi 44w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Ignore

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    Ignorance is a bliss which we can't see.

  • _raahi 46w


    Eik Khamoshi hai jo mitna nahi chahti
    Eik chehra hai jo dhundlata jaa raha hai
    Eik Dil hai jo bardasht nahi kar paata
    Eik Dimagh hai jo samajhna hi nahi chahta
    Ke use kisi or se ishq hai,
    use kisi or se ishq hai


  • _raahi 78w

    Tea & She

    Both are blessings!

  • _raahi 79w

    But it's okay!

    It's 3 in the morning
    And I'm still waiting for her
    who used to tell me that
    I'm her only 3am friend
    Her chat which I opened at one
    is still open at 4am and I'm
    thinking what to send her.

    I didn't sent anything yet
    But it's okay....

    Back then in university days
    Among all my mates i ever had
    I hated everyone but she was the best
    She cared for me and I remember
    How she gave me
    the comfort i needed those days
    Though right now it's getting worst
    And I think

    I still miss her the most
    But it's okay....

    I remember our last memory
    and i can tell this, see it's okay
    That was 6 am and I was awake
    Putting all my sleep on stakes
    I decided not to do more wait
    and settled myself to sleep

    I know, that was fake
    But it's okay.....

    Where your someone special
    becomes someone else's special
    Expecting something there which
    Till its end is not gonna happen
    I know it hurts and it's not okay.
    I don't wanna tell how I feeling
    Leaving the heart numb and dumb
    Emotions dancing in eyes rain

    I can say I will chase you
    But It's okay.....


  • _raahi 81w


    Out of all those backdated sticky notes sticked on my dashboard;
    My eyes always get stuck to the one which was believed to be the oldest.
    And the words written in it were:
    "Hey Raahi! Believe it or not!
    You are the someone who exists!"

  • _raahi 81w

    all we need is
    a shoulder to cry,
    a person to hug and
    a soul we can trust.


  • _raahi 94w

    There's a person in everyone's life.

    There's always a person in everyone's life who makes us shiver to the core of heart, while being with that person all the senses of our body stops working. Each word and every action of that person hits us hard and makes us go high. Sometimes we go high with happiness and the other time with extreme sadness, this all happens only because of that same person. This person is the same one whom we sometimes call as the last love of our life.

  • _raahi 97w

    If you're
    going to be
    sour in December
    then please
    don't be
    so sweet to me
    in October.
    Be the real
    tasteless to me,
    I'll appreciate
    your honesty!