A warrīor for calm, understandıng, peace, and love.

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  • _rebirth007_ 20w

    But grief

    is almost too


    a word

    for what is so


    as this 

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  • _rebirth007_ 25w

    Gabrielle Wilson aka H.E.R - Lord Is Coming

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    We're like Daniel in the den
    Surrounded by these hungry lions
    Looking in the jaws of death
    We reach for saving hands
    No help will come from then
    The Lord is coming

    Well the Red Sea's closing in
    There's no safety in almighty horses
    Can you feel the drivn' wind?
    Behold the crashing waves
    The Savior's on it's way
    The Lord is coming

    All you people of the land
    Down beneath the weight of all your sorrows
    Turn around while you still can
    There's no guarantee you'll see tomorrow
    The doors are open wide
    Surrender to the light
    The Lord is coming

    Coming, coming
    Hurry, hurry
    Bring us to the promise land
    Glory, glory, we'll reach for saving hands
    No help will come from then
    The Lord is coming

  • _rebirth007_ 25w


    Gabrielle Wilson - Lord Is Coming

    Coming, coming
    Hurry, hurry
    Bring us to the promise land
    Glory, glory
    We reach for saving hands
    No help will come from men
    The Lord is coming

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    Are these the signs of an Armageddon?

    We're all in denial and it's all cool until you're suicidal
    We never learn from our so called idols
    We're just repeating the cycle so-
    I never read the news anymore, it's hard not to feel hopeless
    When no one noticed the explosion came from a man who's legal gun was loaded
    It's all watered down and sugarcoated

    We voted, but did we really get to chose?
    We don't need proof that they separate us from the truth
    Mothers and fathers are being separated from their youth

  • _rebirth007_ 25w

    Hillsong UNITED
    Joel Houston

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    Even When It Hurts

  • _rebirth007_ 27w


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    I, talk
    reminisce & forgive
    ..remember ME -
    when I'm with YOU
    but lately your absence
    makes me wanna scream
    breakdown & forget
    about 'US'..
    I dread losing you, so
    I`ll protest
    - protect our
    'Underrated Souls'


  • _rebirth007_ 27w

    Francesca Battistelli

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    I call you
    brave, unique and set apart
    A masterpiece, a work of art
    Living out what you believe
    Being who you're made to be
    I love to see the way that you are sooo-oooo

    I think you're beautiful
    You're so unusual

    Ohhhh, for Heaven's sake
    You're unafraid and unashamed
    You're so unusu-uuuual

  • _rebirth007_ 27w

    There is a reason why he is your EX
    ...In the heat of hoping for the best...
    You'll be back at square one -


  • _rebirth007_ 27w

    At least he thinks so

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    On Monday evening, you tell me, feelings you had for me back in 2011 are resurfacing
    Tuesday, you demand my presence
    Wednesday, you outchere laughing with your bang-hoe
    On Thursday, you gimme mixed signals
    Friday, you got me at...?
    Saturday, you pretending cause you think you'll get lucky...sorry
    So you end up fucking your other-other bitch!
    Sunday, you leaving town...lies you tell, saying you'll miss me

    Your true intentions regarding me, are exposed in your absence, all thanks to your messy lifestyle.

    I'm grateful for the air because you be clouding my judgement.
    You got me feelin' Weak! Angry! Cynical!
    Used & Abused | Xtremly disappointed
    Can't believe I'm tripping
    There is a knot in my throat
    I feel like drowning in my tears
    BUT I won't!

    You ain't worth it Boi!


  • _rebirth007_ 27w


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    Something deep down
    Something deep down
    Something deep down, something deep down
    (Something deep down, something deep down)
    I can feel it deep down
    I can feel it deep down, deep down
    I can feel it deep down