Hard to believe- Probably a Psycho

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  • _redemption_ 4h

    Wreck Havok

    A broken soul,
    A fucked up heart,
    Every thing you keep near,
    Is what's tearing you apart.

    A cracking voice,
    Prior to pride,
    Is when I said the truth,
    And you believed when I lied.

    Now I've a broken bone,
    And a bruised neck,
    And a fucked up heart,
    Which has a world to wreck.

  • _redemption_ 1d

    It's a brilliant place to survive,
    Until you realise
    that it was a self linked cage.
    It's a frightening place to sleep,
    Until you realise
    the horrors of opening your eyes

  • _redemption_ 2d

    I want to cry so loud,
    Don't have the voice,
    This world judges your problems,
    When they aren't born with a poise.

    I want to end my soul, can't
    Blues drowning a secret she lack,
    Cause she's the only one who'll go
    And remember to come back.

    I'm afraid of the darkness, I say,
    And yet scream at light,
    Cause although hell hurts,
    It's better than heaven of my plight.

    A plethora of agony I have,
    A plethora of words I know is true
    World of lie can wait,
    For today, my secret will have to do.

    tell me if you will hear this,
    A part of me wish you don't,
    I can kill a part of me who writes,
    I can, but I won't.

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    Some screams cross borders,
    But some relive all alone,
    Not a fan of isolation
    But for now, I'm on my own...

  • _redemption_ 2d


    A scarred reality of life
    And a brilliant lie it hides,
    A truth it never told,
    A secret in it resides.
    The blood on your hands,
    Are not even present tonight,
    You see it, you're gone,
    You don't, there is no plight.
    When you love her, it's dalliance,
    When she , it's a vice,
    unabashed laughter
    Are misinterpreted cries.
    You kill, it's a sacrifice,
    You don't, she'll somehow die,
    Just don't leave her alive,
    Cause one day she'll come back and fight.

  • _redemption_ 3d

    You're someone else

    You're someone worth time,
    Something I don't owe,
    You're someone I never knew
    That's something you never told.

    You're all I was yesterday,
    And you're here to pretend,
    And although I've fought for long,
    You're a fight that'll never end...

  • _redemption_ 4d

    Fear of a Kind

    You're lurking in the shadows,
    Following in the dark,
    You were good enough to hide from fire,
    But failed infront of spark,
    You held a hostage who loved you,
    And killed her without flinching,
    You were conspiring with the rain,
    While she thought you were drenching.
    Now with that audacity, you are,
    Holding a false love with grace,
    You are a monster and you know it,
    Just gifted with an extraordinary face.
    She did stare with courage,
    In your eyes where she saw a sea,
    And you said that she ain't afraid,
    Even though she knew that she should be..

  • _redemption_ 4d

    A tough time doesn't knock on doors, so

    Don't wait infront of the door

  • _redemption_ 5d

    --- I can't live without you. The only thing keeping me alive is you..

    ----- well, I guess f*ck oxygen then


  • _redemption_ 5d


    I remember that winter,
    That storm of glee,
    And also that cold blade,
    Giving up on me,
    Every time I broke
    I felt to flee,
    Kill me if you can,
    Ain't that easy.
    It's worth it if you try,
    But won't succeed,
    I cry every day
    Doesn't mean I'm weak
    Our fight can't end,
    Cause love can't see
    That every scar i have
    Is now a part of me

  • _redemption_ 5d

    Love sucks.... Get an ice cream instead.