Here I am incarnating the feelings of a 17 yo girl with the shattered glass pieces of my heart��

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  • _rish_ 23w


    Resilience is what we all seek... beholding the memories of every angelic thing we've ever experienced.

  • _rish_ 23w

    You call it a Cold Heart,
    I call it a Cautious one!

  • _rish_ 23w


    Normal will always feel Low When you've been High even once!

    No matter what that high is!

  • _rish_ 24w


    I was disarmed
    You magnetised my armour
    Crumbled my esteem
    Into a giant metal ball
    Then rolled it back towards me
    You wrecked me
    And I hate your grin
    You're just an overbearing human
    Who thristed for attention
    Got me addicted to your clinginess
    And run back home
    Like a scared little boy
    You intentionally made my walls high
    Making the entry difficult for others
    You're probably laughing
    At me and my innocence
    That fell for your trap
    Thinking the trap to be You
    Maybe I forgot that
    What falls breaks too
    So does my Heart!

  • _rish_ 24w

    Who You Are!

    Ever felt Smiling
    Cause of that One good thing
    Even when everything's depressing
    Obsession craves its place
    Want to hold that
    But Lowkey wanna know
    What it leads or follows
    Feels Blossom in Autumn
    And you look out of the window
    Sky's screaming Red
    Not more than your cheeks
    Cause you know Someday Soon
    You're going to prove Who You Are!