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  • _s_k_s_h_i 1d

    Its tough

    Again at that stage
    Where a lotta of questions wandering in mind..
    A stage where i got defeated from my emotions ..
    Just like cloud can't hold themselves after they get heavy..
    Same things happen to heart that also can't hold emotions when it's tooo much..

  • _s_k_s_h_i 10w

    Sometimes u have to take decisions that's hurts u but heals ur soul.....

  • _s_k_s_h_i 10w

    अधूरे खयालात......

    अचानक़ आज ख़यालों में तुम थे
    पर उनमें हम खुद से ही गुम थे,

    अल्फ़ाज़ तो हमसे काफी दूर चले गए ,
    फ़िर भी क़ल्ब भीतर तुम थे.....

  • _s_k_s_h_i 11w


    As soon
    All inner torturing turns into tears,
    Emotionally agony psyche - soul heals ,
    After a sudden actualization
    Of tough sensitiveness

  • _s_k_s_h_i 12w

    Small sadness....

    A deep inside
    there is lil sadness,
    Haha inspite of being little
    It's hurts a lot..
    As it appears drop of needle tip
    But when sting it feels as
    dipped in ocean of needles...

  • _s_k_s_h_i 12w

    ..... :-(

    Heart's pieces tethers
    Ones again.
    And again it freshly falls for that soul.....

  • _s_k_s_h_i 14w

    Cuppa tea-: mee to mahself

    Aah, every sip has a
    fresh level of jollity,
    Feels as this psych
    get obsessed with it,
    That's either absorb all pain
    or melt them away,
    Like a form of energy vanished,
    after water added to it......

  • _s_k_s_h_i 19w

    Crush on someone secretly,
    Is the lightest feeling everly.

    Used to watch hidely,
    As this soul is rooting for uh eternally.

    Find myself thinking about uh perpetually,
    But I'm reallypanic-stricken to confess it .

    Cuz I'd never be heart-broken bcz of mah unspoken love......

  • _s_k_s_h_i 19w

    One Sight On The Moonlight

    Aaah! How beautiful you are!
    Glare as like as diamond.
    O I wish uh were in mee,
    So that I could feel the warm that you adore,
    Stars twinkles like my heartbeat & moon-glitters holds me.....

  • _s_k_s_h_i 19w


    Always trynna get rid of these so called rubish.....but these rubbish gives me relax