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  • _sahana16 3w

    Passion for writing

    I am not the artist who can sketch or paint
    But I can definitely paint the reality by the ink
    And definitely express my soul through writting.
    "A word after a word after a word is power"

  • _sahana16 3w

    The best compliment

    Yes you look cute when those teeth don't form an straight line
    It shows Chaos makes everyone unique
    You know you are matured but you haven't lost that innocence when you smile
    You are still an child when you smile
    You will be cruel if you prison them with braces
    You are trying to be an perfect women forgetting imperfection is making you beautiful.

  • _sahana16 7w

    I hope everyone are safe and healthy
    Please take care of your mental health during this lockdown:-)

  • _sahana16 8w

    I don't understand when girl with fairer skin tells that they look dull when they get little darker
    Babe, dull skin and having darker skin is completely different thing.

  • _sahana16 9w

    Mom's food made me to gain weight
    Which never happened easily
    in my whole life
    Thanks to quarantine:-)

  • _sahana16 10w

    I personally know people who are working in first line
    Stepping out of home for work to airport, changing gloves after every flight, taking care of people in the aircraft.warning all the passanger to put on safety jacket
    you all are brave and we are proud of you,it's because you rest of us are safe and could stay home even able to came home.your desire to make others happy before giving attention to self is an illusion
    Thank you

  • _sahana16 20w

    Somewhere asking sorry without knowing my mistake i lost myself

  • _sahana16 23w

    India won't be developed
    Until we come out of "Log kya kahenge"mindset

  • _sahana16 23w

    Was so colourful because I found colour to my life

    (We can take life in positive way too)

  • _sahana16 29w

    I may not be perfect for you
    But we are perfect for each other