sentimental heart and a skeptical mind

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  • _samreen_ 16w


    Like 3/4th of our generation, I am what you can call a night owl. I can remain up all night and study. But you ask me to sleep at 9 PM and wake up at 5 to study, I wont wake up before 9!

    No matter how much I explain this logic to my mum, she never gives up. She keeps listing the advantages of morning study.
    I tried hard many times
    But this is all i can say
    Waking up early sucksss ughhhhh


    To each his own......

  • _samreen_ 16w

    !!!!!!!Just try to visualise the world through the eyes of otherx ,,, it will let u know they too r right in their own way!!!!!!!

    This post is just an apology for sombdy whom i grieved intentionally or unintentionally
    I must say it was unintentionally
    I didnt knew wt i was doing
    Wt was wrong with me

    all i have to say is

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    Um sorry for not stitching up ua wounds
    Actually i was bleeding too

  • _samreen_ 16w


    She has buried thousands of pains inside her..

  • _samreen_ 16w

    Heartbreaking incidents are taking place in kashmir day by day
    Feeling ashamed to say ...it is not that HEAVEN ON EARTH anymore ��

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    Yeth jaayi chi na saeri jannat wannan
    Kyazi chum baasan jahanamuk naar chu yeti dazaan

    Lukh chi na tamanna karan your yinuk
    Kyazi chas tamanna karan yeti nernuk

    Dapaan aes yetken lukan chu insaaf te chukh saaf dil
    Kyazi chum baasn yetken lukan heu khoth neyath vol chune kanhh

    Yeti 13 vuhur shud badkaaran manz shamil
    Kyazi chi tath aes jannat vanaan

    Sharmand chas ;vareya sharmand chas
    Sharm cham gasan vnenas b chs kasheer henx rozan vajin

    Kanh fark ma rood yath jantas te baqee duniyahs
    Khudaya hifazat kr pardeh kr te bod baar dua chum
    Seod wath haaw ase kasheren..

  • _samreen_ 16w

    I'm flying in the sky of love
    I'm completely overwhelmed by the intoxication of love

    Now my feet are not even in the ground
    My feet are not even in the ground
    Everywhere I see endless springs and fountains of love
    And at night sweet dreams disturb me
    The talk went out of my control, the talk went out of my control
    such beautiful eyes gazed at me
    Such beautiful eyes gazed at me
    Even upon wanting, I couldn't stop my heart
    I have taken a step into the realm of love
    The talk went out of my control, the talk went out of my control #nature #love #life

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    kisey aisiyaan nigahan mainu takkeya
    Na gal meray wass (bass) di rhi

  • _samreen_ 16w

    All i wnna say

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  • _samreen_ 17w

    A t shirt slogan using the word perfect

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    If nobody is perfect
    Consider me nobody✌


  • _samreen_ 18w


    Cant smbdy help me out
    Um drowning
    Drowning in my thoughts
    N i swear they r very scary
    They r pulling me deep n deep
    More i try to get out ;more the bad situations bring me back
    I dont wanna keep this load
    I know many r hlping
    But i cant feel it
    Cx um finding myslf all alone in this wrld
    Lost in my own musings vch r vry bad
    No one can believe
    As days pass um frgetting evry good thing
    N each n every bad moment is being revised
    I dn know why
    Um not doing this believe me
    My mind is doing this n i cnt hlp it out
    No lecture no motivation is wrking
    But ya this tym I got this way
    Penning down my feelings
    All that i m not sharing vd anybdy
    Cx i don wnna share
    I dont vnna make anybdy sad cx i have already done much bad..
    So to u ..my bad thoughts
    I will never stop fighting vd u till u get buried till i vll win...
    LIFE IS SUCKING HARD ...DYINGGG�� #nature #life

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    I failed to trust that time but my rabb kept his promise ...Alhumdulila

    If Allah is making you to wait ,,
    Be ready to receive more than what you asked for.

  • _samreen_ 18w

    Lailatul qadri khairum min alfi shahr

    N here comes the night
    The best of all
    We are facing a lot these days
    So let's raise our hands
    Lets pray
    Lets remember him
    Lets seek forgiveness
    May b he Will listen to us
    Bcx here comes the night
    The best of all

  • _samreen_ 20w


    You dont know how much bad you have done to otherx untill you receive it back...thats y KARMA is there