you may see me with the best of honest delusional lies

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  • _sanely_liberal_ 7w

    That moment of joy and love which keeps pounding in my heart just by seeing one smile and letting myself carry with the aura of fruitfulness! I deserve those things which I craved for a long long time! But now, I'm happy and smiling again❤

  • _sanely_liberal_ 7w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word one-liner on Canvas

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    Creating life paintings!

  • _sanely_liberal_ 10w

    Like seriously.

    Paranoid by the thought that how glorified it would be to be able to love back someone who puts their whole heart into me while me being stupid hurt inside?!

  • _sanely_liberal_ 13w

    To the guy who broke my heart!

    Hey. I won't curse you. Because after you left, it was all I did to get better. So instead, I'll tell you how it feels. To be left. Which you keep portraying to the known that I did it. Even if God or devil would demand me to leave you I wouldn't. And you know it. So what happened? That good bond you kept saying ours was, what happened?
    I'll remind you.
    It was me in the night at 2 calling you begging you to meet but you never responded. It was me crying and writing you long long paragraphs telling you how much I love you and how difficult it is for me to breath while typing my love for you in words! My heart felt the most heaviest. As if there was an anchor taking me down in the deepest part of the ocean. I could feel it. You saw it all. You felt it too. You knew I was destroying because of you! But you just watch me drown. And smirk.
    Was my love sooo much that you couldn't even take it? Or were you so poor n coward to accept it? You made sure I was falling for you deep. But you weren't there to catch me at all!
    I became insomniac. Lost my appetite. So depressed couldn't even properly talk to anybody. My life was miserable. I lost my friends. My grades were low. All I kept thinking was what I did wrong?
    But why'd you mind after all? You had all the fun you want! I started noticing your behavior with me when we were together. You said so many cheap things which I didn't realise till now! How you'd see women as an object to satisfy your physical needs! And how you'd treat me bad when you had a new chick around! I was stupid to fall in love with you despite being warned. But what was I supposed to do when your trap of being the perfect prince Charming snatched me in your arms! You made everything look perfect and all the wrong things right. You made me do crimes while being hypnotised. You were like a drug to me so bad! I was addicted and I faced all the repercussions by myself.
    So crushed I had crushed all my belief in love.
    No man will ever be truly in love with me I screamed in the voids of my heart! I had no faith in love or God. But had to deconstruct my whole life just so i could stand on my feet again and walk! It still hurts sometimes, when I run fast. But I am growing so strong that my sparkle hurts your thoughts! So pure your devils couldn't stay close to my fragile heart.
    It turned out good for me that I magically realised one night that you were nothing but a liar who stole my heart. I once said to you that you can keep my heart but I was wrong. Like come on that's not practically possible! I just magnetized my heart back to it's place and living with alll my blissful soul and away from your dirt of words and fake drama!
    with no regrets and a killing smile on my face you will see fully recovered in faith and lil bit of pixel dust glittering my way for love as I bloom everyday in self love!

  • _sanely_liberal_ 15w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Annoying

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    How annoying it'd be to see me in sanity ?

  • _sanely_liberal_ 15w


    Would you believe or would I not?
    The fierce lady got me along, with ugly truth and bitter lies, what'd you choose and why?
    Look me in the eye she said shouldn't you be scared about your future or should I scare you with your past she said...
    What choice would you make?
    Run away or stay to see. Lost in a maze of life somewhere in the dark the only ray of light could take me to my destiny.
    There should've been a super power like flying so that I could come up and just find my way through the path followed by the ray of light!
    Take me back to where I was I screamed out loud and I was awaken from the dream!
    So much is there to cherish in life and so much more yet to be! Seize the moment they say.
    I learnt why should I and why should all we ? !

  • _sanely_liberal_ 21w

    Maan krta hai bas doobi rahu unke aankho k gehraiyo me is qadar ,
    kho jau Kahin unke parchaiyo me fitoor bankar ,
    Khuld banaya hai mera manzar
    Nafs ko mere nawaz kar
    Inayat payi maine Aur rabt bhi,

    Ishq me pd gye hum Mehboob k janab
    Jab keh gye vo ke -
    "Mahjabeen se bhi khoobsurat hai ye ruhaniyat hasi aapki"

  • _sanely_liberal_ 22w

    Some people are just human version of minions of the Antichrist!

  • _sanely_liberal_ 23w

    Aaj Rang hi diya unhone mujhe apne Pyar k rang me is tyohar pr...
    Aashiyana Kuch rangeen sa hogya hai unse dil k holi khelkar

  • _sanely_liberal_ 23w

    So obsessed with loving myself everyday because ain't nobody else does the same for ya!