Born to brighter like moon in darkness...

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  • _sarmistha_ 5d


    Good past learners never get disappointed but they start to extract the good memories to keep unanimously happy themselves

  • _sarmistha_ 1w


    I am a princess of that king and queen in my home who have a bravery prince...i am very lucky to have a brother like this whi doesn't know how is cared a sister, but when I really need he instantly acts as my booster...
    Please God fullfil my brother's life with pleasure and hapiness..

  • _sarmistha_ 1w


    May they never mentioned or expressed their love for each other but there hidden love and importance have no bound.. And nothing can't beat this relationship .... Love U my brother

  • _sarmistha_ 2w


    Your insanity is my pleasure
    Your cutest kidding is my happiness
    And if I have your company then nothing can beat me at all..
    Thank you all for being with me..

  • _sarmistha_ 2w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Lost

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    Lost of fear of losing someone special is not excusing

  • _sarmistha_ 2w

    Family and morning

    Night is over
    Have u wake up early ever?
    Morning is started by sunrise.
    Father has already finished him exercise.
    Children stay and stay on bed
    Mother awakes by pulling up the head.
    Before the dawn mom wakes up, father check up
    Every day with the sleep we make a break up
    Brushing up ,washing up and get freshed
    This habit make us satisfied
    Just have the breakfast and check the phone morning becomes Cheerful and fun

  • _sarmistha_ 3w

    Perpetual intrest makes you an everlasting dedicated soul for your ambitious plan to earn success.

  • _sarmistha_ 3w


    Demons are sponsored by the negative characters we have possessed.. If our obsessions are optimistical ,then demons are nothing in front of us.

  • _sarmistha_ 3w

    A predominated finish makes you more vibrant than a insanity starting.. So always be a powerful finisher ,no matter how was your starting

  • _sarmistha_ 3w


    Dear life,
    You wanna see how much esteemed I am?
    I don't know what you have kept for me in my journey but I am sure I will have a blessings life in order to my duties..