A novice in disguise.

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  • _sayan 12w


    As the rain comes down
    I stand by the roadside,
    Experience the changes in nature.
    Ah! Beautiful.
    The silence before the storm:
    Comforted me with solitude;
    Peace bewitched my soul;
    And I became a part of the nature:
    Just like I was yours.

  • _sayan 20w


    "what is your definition of 'home' ?" He asked
    " A place where people live permanently, with a family, or household" she replied and asked " what's yours ?"

    " A place where someone still thinks of you, remembers you, is the place you can call your HOME"

  • _sayan 24w


    Will you bloom like a flower
    In my heart ?
    If I could bring
    An eternal spring;
    To your life!

    Will you?


  • _sayan 28w

    Will you ? ❤️

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    When the sun sets in the evening,
    And the birds fly over the horizon,
    I'll be waiting for you,
    Under the same old tree,
    To come and look for me.


  • _sayan 30w

    Do they ?? �� #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Do puddles ever miss the comfort of clouds? Or do they appreciate the chance to be rain?

  • _sayan 44w

    The future may seem SCARY, But it doesn't mean you should run back to the PAST because it's FAMILIAR, that would be a MISTAKE.✔️

  • _sayan 53w

    Right here in this world with you ��❤️

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    Words like ', tomorrow' 'future' or 'fate'
    No matter how far they extend their hands,
    We breathe, we dream, we raise our love,
    In a timeless land that is far out of reach,
    Even the second, hour hands of the clock,
    They look at us sideways as they tick and tock
    How I hope to have forever to spend,
    This life - no all future lives,
    Right here in this world with you.

  • _sayan 55w

    The circle of life.

    It's the circle of life,
    It moves us all,
    Through despair and hope,
    Through faith and love,
    Till we find our place,
    On the path unwinding,
    In the circle;
    The circle of life.

  • _sayan 61w

    Can you ?

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    I'm trying to realise,
    It's alright to not be fine,
    On your own...
    Now I'm shaking, drinking all this coffee,
    The last few weeks have been exhausting,
    I'm lost in my imagination,
    And there's one thing that I need from you...
    Can you come through??

  • _sayan 62w


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    अभी रात है,
    कल फिर सबेरा आएगा,
    दिल है जनाब,
    किसी को दिया है तो,
    बेशक दुखेगा ।