happy with what i have ��❤������

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  • _simretha_ 1w


    The day which doesn't celebrated more !!
    This day sounds rare !!
    More than a sweet sister she has been a wonderful friend ❤️ a caring mom
    She is an amazing soul who u can trust undoubtedly
    My words have been drifted away from the thing i intend to convey,
    Happiest sisters day !! ✨❤️✨


  • _simretha_ 2w

    Laboratory ❤️

    May be I'm the laboratory of melancholy and merry which reacts together, in some hallow space of life which is never be filled, but it has billion of hidden tears formed as flaque and when my brain consoles my heart ....❤️✨
    and when my soul breaths out leisurely ✨
    It lets out in the form of words and phrases that's how a poem exits!!!✨ ❤️✨


  • _simretha_ 4w


    The highest illud of pain is your eyes will be tearsless and your lips will be smiled

    Nothing is permanent even you is not permanent!!!

    Love the moment lonely ✨❤️

    Because it's always yours when it comes to you !!✨


  • _simretha_ 7w


    Don't be easily available to everyone, because at one point of time your values will be invalid and you lose your importance and dignity !!

    So better konw to say no !!
    Which will help you to know your importance to everyone ..

    You can't be better person in everyone's view and heart , offcourse not everyone has better taste !!!

    Everyone doesn't see you in a way, u saw them !!! ✨❤️

    Unexpected things are always expected!!! ✨

    Turn to yourself and smile because you are priceless thing in this world nothing can be compared to you ... because you is always you❤️✨ !!

  • _simretha_ 8w


    The person who talk with you when they are free then konw it for them you are a choice ...

    The person who finds time and make their time free even they have works then konw it for them you are a priority ....❤️✨

    The thing is when we need shoulders to cry their is nobody to share their shoulders and share our pain....

    These line has deep meaning and huge difference between choice and priority!!!!

  • _simretha_ 9w


    If someone hurts you, it's ok to cry !
    If someone doesn't understand you ,it's ok to cry!!
    If someone avoids you ,it's ok to cry!!!
    If someone left you, again it's ok to cry!!!!
    But don't cry for the person to come back into your life ...just cry for yourself to move on in your life !!!!!!

  • _simretha_ 9w


    Don't hate ,Don't take revenge ,Don't show your vengeance but show your attitude becuse today's ex is your past love❤️ ... person may chance and not be true but your love is always true and it doesn't fail even people fail !!

  • _simretha_ 10w

    ✨❤️Lost left✨

    Wait for the person who lost you ,
    Don't wait for the person who left you ...
    The person who lost you may search for you at any extent ,if they could ,but the person who left you never come back into your life even they have an opportunity!!!

  • _simretha_ 10w


    When the person you like the most is with you
    even though they may hurt you but that hurting will not let your tears out because of their presence!!!
    When the person you like the most left you the happiness which they given to you make you to cry harder because of their absence!!!

    The major extent of emotion is Beeing hurted and Beeing missed someone❤️

  • _simretha_ 19w


    Traveling heels u r pain ..
    It makes u too feel the love alone ..
    Its not something to enjoy its a thing to realize how much we love us
    Travel is the thing to explore our love towards the nature when u r alone .....

    This path doesn't have any illud ...it's just a constant flow to feel u r love....

    Travel is not a word it's an emotion for me...feel and fly towards it...