Member of a type of species capable of converting thoughts to words

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  • _soliloquy_ 6w


    Words shuffle in a closed tunnel
    Phrases adjoin to a kaleidoscope
    A patterned sequence of dialogues
    Projected upon an unfaltered mind

    With every slight twist of tube
    A new pattern displays onscreen
    The randomness of events cast
    A stimulant till the judgement day

    The day unplanned, just as planned
    Well trained yet nervously shivering
    A rigid mindset to an altering system
    On a snap it went, to the panic mode 

    As patterns gush on a single turn
    The mind juggles to capture chaos
    Tries to make sense of the bedlam
    As the shards of words slit through 
    Looking up to catch their response

    A tiny boundary framed by words
    Deeply engrossed in their own circle
    The panel of judges stand eerily still
    Just as baffled by their ignored folly

    Never was there anyone to impress
    Life's mischievous prank well played
    Neither the juror was ever to judge
    Nor the performer ever to perform


  • _soliloquy_ 10w

    A Feather

    Guided by wind, I float afar
    A mile away from my carcass
    More the distance from tragedy
    Blurrier the image of the crash 
    More the turbulence of the wind 
    Speed, a catalyst to my odyssey
    All through my eternity I flew
    Yet never free from the torso
    Though unbound from mortality
    The wind continues guiding me

    Can I ever experience liberty?
    Do I have an individuality?
    Would I fail if left on my own?
    In that case, with all honesty
    Am I really winning this race?

    My thoughts afloat as myself
    Listening to my endless rant
    Winds loosen up in dismayal
    I fall freely, like a flip of coin
    If I live, that's where I need to be
    If not, I take up the responsibility
    No weight should I be carrying
    No guardian should I be needing


  • _soliloquy_ 10w

    The Greener Side

    I come from within the darkest of regions
    The murkiness of forests bringing solace 
    Soaking benevolent rays that envelope me
    Traces of light relished beneath its canopies

    Uprooted from my origin, I reach a new abode
    Beside trees with the most perfect of branches
    Upon assuming them more alive than myself
    I begun to ponder over my worthless existence

    I despised the creepers that grew over me
    Blooming onto every greasy nook of warmth
    Contours hidden behind thick, barbed wires
    Squeezing myself, befitting the other trees

    After all attempts of adhering to stringency
    I could never call this pseudo world my home
    Stranded in a place with every possible luxury
    Looking over for a glimpse of the other side

    Grey lands devoid of an evidence of green 
    Concrete occupying its domineering space
    The sickly vegetation looking up to mankind
    While man lured into an endless suffering
    Eventually wildering into a self built doom

    The grass greener on the side I stand
    The garden more divine than they seem
    A sanctuary built linking the other's roots 
    A connectedness arising within the soil


  • _soliloquy_ 11w

    Dear Diary

    My path crossed with an old friend
    Bewildered by my unexpected visit
    Worn out from years of negligence
    Trying her very best to go unnoticed

    Severely abused across her frail body
    I empathized with her weary condition
    Trying her best to assure not to worry
    While looking anywhere but my eyes

    After hours of persistent questioning
    She blurted all out with a straight face

    Her words filled with painful remorse
    Parts of her torn out, hidden in shame
    Tear stains blotting her feeble voice
    Trying to make sense of her trauma

    Listening to her, I sensed a familiarity
    A long forgotten play I was a part of
    Her character resonated with my own
    Feeling an impulse to make a change

    So letting out a sigh, I seated beside her 
    The narrative required a few alterations
    A slight shift of perspective on the story
    Brought a faint smile of relief on her face

    She thanked me for not giving up on her
    Making me promise to never turn back
    Slowly, I walked away to where I started
    Living the same tale with a new ending

  • _soliloquy_ 11w

    The Pinnacle of Triumph

    A smooth ascend up the holographic mountains
    With every step on a virtual boulder an upliftment 
    The pinnacle that defines the mirage of purpose
    Paving its way in the absence of a precise sequel

    Validation, an irresistible drug for happiness
    Blinded by clouds of cheers grading the feat
    Embracing the brief dependency for delusions
    As the clouds dissolve, unveiling the vile reality

    Upon reaching the peak, it strangely felt hollow
    The hidden mountains slowly transpired to view
    Overhead boulders stumble, a knock on the head 

    Aspirations built on blocks of social approval
    Becomes a ceaseless scramble on a rat wheel
    Time to descend from the self written fantasy
    To endure the struggle to a meritorious victory

  • _soliloquy_ 12w


    She lovingly looked at her baby palms
    Seashells materialising out of the blue
    A tiny cluster of varied shapes and sizes
    Every intricate pleat tinted a distinct hue

    Her wide eyes twinkled with the thought
    A promise mother made the other day
    "Momma's gonna make you a necklace
    The most beautiful you have ever seen
    Only if you collect your favourite shells"

    She gathered everything she could see
    Her hands could barely take one more
    Dawdling to the sea in hope for better
    Spotting prettier shells along the way

    As the skies changed to its dusky gown
    She made up her mind to return home
    When a wave dashed towards the shore
    Stealing her little collection as she toppled

    Looking around, she could spot nothing
    "My momma won't be happy with me"
    Moving on empty handed and teary eyed
    Darkness trying it's best to comfort her

    "A huge wave took it from me, momma"
    She stood with her hands outstretched
    "It's alright my little one, don't be sorry
    Look what momma made for my girl"

    A dainty necklace made of little seashells
    Dangle gracefully, blurry in the candlelight
    "Momma picked a few shells on the way
    Coz momma loves you no matter what"

    A mix of emotions hurled into her mind
    As she held it as carefully as possible
    A warm embrace is all she could offer
    Speechless from the pleasant surprise

  • _soliloquy_ 13w


    Pain oozed into the ocean of desolation
    Heavy thoughts clogged its flow like oil 
    A tempest born from waves of self pity
    Oared relentlessly in search for a shore

    As he bellows in agony, sore from the strain,
    The daring waves clash, nearly toppled him
    A lone warrior on the battlefield with nature
    Questioning the reason for this damnation

    Amidst the storm, he noticed a speck faintly
    Boats of varied sizes feuding their own war

    Some afloat without a sailor
    Some sail on a piece of wood
    Some dive into their own misery

    The truth dawned with painful reassurance
    It was the storm to be tamed, never the boat

    With realisation flowed a sense of tranquil
    Discerning the shadows of a land nearby
    Rows to the target with great eagerness
    A single step towards the flight of stairs


  • _soliloquy_ 13w


    I crawled towards the nearest branch
    Bloated and heavy from my final lunch
    With a deep breath, I accept the inevitable
    Undressed and prepared for meditation
    My survival gambled skillfully by nature

    My vision gradually blurred out of focus
    Only to observe it all vividly from above
    Flinched faintly as my insides liquified
    Grateful to be exempted from the torment
    While doubting my calibre to push through it 

    The week passed finally, opening my eyes
    A sigh of relief in returning to my own self
    A new form emerge as I slacken from the old
    The wisdom attained from the solitary journey
    Felt more rewarding than my colourful wings
    So I flutter away to impart everything i gained
    Blessing the little cocoons that come my way


  • _soliloquy_ 13w

    A journey

    She strode across the dingy street on a rainy day
    A bright yellow umbrella hovering over her sad head
    Recurring beat of droplets distracted her for a while
    As it subdued slowly, thoughts conquered the mind
    A sudden urge to overthrow this chaos kicked in

    While looking around for a bench by the sidewalk
    She shuffled through her bag for the music player
    Propping in a earpiece on one side as she settled in
    Begun scrolling through playlists for the perfect one
    Eventually entering another realm with her eyes shut

    Goosebumps crawl as her soul leaves momentarily
    Transporting somewhere beyond her body's reach
    A circle of warmth revolves, protecting from all harm
    Strangely feeling calm in a place never set foot on
    She let go her burden, preparing to leave the heavens
    The journey concludes, finding herself on the bench
    Bewildered from a lifelong trip flashed within minutes

    An energy so unreal gushes through her veins
    With a power to overcome any hurdle her way
    Strolling away with a smile as her life rebirths
    Humming away to the tune on a gloomy day


  • _soliloquy_ 13w

    A Puppet Show

    Mindless puppets adhering to rules of irrelevance
    Fitting to their persona as they sway to the melody

    A predictable performance on an unstable ground
    The strings controlled by an unseen consciousness
    The illusion of comfort curtains the oblivious life
    The projected hues accepted without a demur

    A round of applause reverberates the platform
    Trapdoors open, erasing the short lived delight
    Down the puppets sink into the depths of reality
    It was all a rehearsal prior to the ultimate show