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  • _soul_talk_ 2w

    Girls don't play hard to get,
    They are hard to get

  • _soul_talk_ 3w

    You took that broken part of me and fixed it.
    Only to break it irreversibly

  • _soul_talk_ 5w

    Some memories are too painful to bear
    But too beautiful to push away

  • _soul_talk_ 6w

    She kissed the predatory mouth that threatened her just now

  • _soul_talk_ 6w

    It's okay to love deep,
    It's okay to love with passion,
    It's okay to have a one-way love
    But, never love too much that
    you end up giving up a part of your life for them
    And nothing can ever bring that part back, except for too much love

  • _soul_talk_ 7w

    Every girl has two girls as best friends,
    With totally different personalities.
    The girl will get along with the two, but the two won't get along with each other.

  • _soul_talk_ 8w

    Hard work is not the key to anything
    Interest is!
    Hard work comes along!

  • _soul_talk_ 9w


    Life gives you chances and choices
    Sometimes fewer choices but more chances
    But never vice-versa

  • _soul_talk_ 10w

    High School
    Chapter 5

    I felt...honestly, I don't know what I felt. It was too late to back down. As unexpected, they just ignored the fact that I was even there. After they arranged the lines and positions accordingly, Zane was standing next to me. Two feet apart. I tried controlling my uncontrolled breath, which he probably knows btw. Sweat dripped down my temple but I couldn't move. I saw Adam and Tyler mocking at Zane. Okay, that's on me too. Zane will be angry at me, just because his best friends giggled when he stood next to me. I ignored the tension, whatever it was.

    After the practice, I was sitting on the corridor, leaning on a pillar. I was bored. I watched my friends talking to others, laughing, teasing. I was jealous and sad. I couldn't even stand the thought of them being so close to others especially when they don't talk to me. Adam, as usual, flirting with a girl whom he barely knows. Everyone was busy, even Matt. He was my only friend and he just stood there laughing with them. I was hurt. I started to pluck the small leaves of a plant and began to make a flower bed out of it. Yeah, I was that bored and I didn't know what to do. Tears started to swell in my eyes. My vision started to blur because of that. I didn't look up, I didn't want them to know I was crying. I sat there knowing no one will even care.
    Suddenly someone patted on my shoulder. I didn't turn.
    "You sitting alone?" Carol giggled.
    That's it. I couldn't take that anymore. I was trying so hard to control my overreaction, now it's just busted. I stood up and I walked to the girls' room. I went inside, I made sure no one was inside. I got into one, and I cried without making a sound. I was feeling heartbroken. And I don't know why, because this was expected.

    I sat there and I thought about how we used to be...

    I and Rose were at the bus stop.
    "Hey, mad!" Adam called out.
    "Seriously? It's just 4 letters, you can't call me Madi?"
    "No, that's no fun, plus you are mad."
    "Hahaha omg, you are hilarious" I rolled my eyes after the fake laugh.
    "You don't encourage my jokes now." He pouted.
    "You want me to laugh at your stupid dry jokes?"
    "Nope, I want Rs 10, do you mind?" He flashed his unique version of a smile.
    "I wanna buy sip up"
    "You just had one"
    "That's yellow. I want red."
    "Grhhh, ask Rose"
    "Heh, I brought him yellow. Now it's your turn." Rose said and turned to wave at Tyler.
    "Fine, but no more, okay?"
    "Okay". Adam took the money from me and left.
    I turned to see Tyler glaring at me.
    "Mm?" I mouthed.
    "Nothing, I mean, it's very generous of you, so what about me?"
    "What about you?"
    "Sip up?"
    "I am so sorry, I need to pluck more from my money plant."
    "Ewwww, am I supposed to laugh?"
    "Your wish". I said and saw Rose laughing.
    "Why are you laughing?" I asked Rose.
    "Mchh, BUS!! Come on!"
    "Bye Tyler". I waved at Tyler and we got on the bus.
    I was sitting by the window when I saw Adam running towards me with two sip ups in his hand. He came to the side and gave me one just before the bus took off. He bought one for me. A Red one.
    "Thank you!!" I screamed so that he can hear me.
    "It's your money". He screamed back and waved me bye. And when I turned, everyone on the bus was staring at me including Rose.
    "What?" I asked and started sipping up.

    I washed my face and got out of the washroom. I looked in the mirror and made sure I didn't look like I cried. Everyone left class when I got in. I took my bag and sat on the school steps, waited for Rose. And there she was.
    "Hey, mad!" She called out.
    "Seriously, it's just four letters, can't you just call me Madi?" I asked her.
    "No, but you could do the same. My name too has only four letters, try three." She smirked.
    "But your name pronounce the same both way."
    "Ahh, not really my problem".
    We walked to the bus stop.
    "So, how was your day?" Rose asked me.
    "Not bad"
    "You mean 'bad' bad?"
    "Which part? The part where I am standing next to Zane for Cabinet ceremony?"
    "Okay, that's not 'bad' bad, it's 'worse' bad".
    "Yea, I have to get used to it"
    "Now, wanna tell me why you cried?"
    "I didn't cry". I scoffed confused.
    "I can read your face and you know that". She pitied.
    "Nah, I was just being emotional. You know!"
    "Yea I know".

    When I reached home. My mom was sitting on the porch.
    "You are early!" I said removing my shoes.
    "Yea, I got good and bad news".
    "Which are?"
    "I got a promotion Transfer, two in one, tada" She smiled.
    "Oh". This day couldn't get any worse. "To where?" I asked.
    "Far". she said.

  • _soul_talk_ 11w


    Kamala Harris, the first Black woman to become Vice-President of the US. A real feminist shows women how to achieve this and not how to remove their clothes in social media in the name of freedom and rights.
    When googled the definition of "Feminism", this is what we get-
    Feminism, the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. Although largely originating in the West, feminism is manifested worldwide and is represented by various institutions committed to activity on behalf of women's rights and interests.
    Feminism is a belief and not an act. People act according to their twisted version of the meaning of feminism. Many people who define themselves as feminists don't even know the real meaning and intention of that word. Feminism is not about dominating men or overtaking them in everything. It was created for gender equality over the right things, which definitely not includes nudity or freedom of awful speech. If a man says something bad, doesn't mean a woman should do the same. Be better than that. Change them instead of changing yourself to being bad. Be an inspiration to all the men. Earn everyone's respect, not just other feminist's. Don't fight for power, fight for Empowerment.