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  • _tamanna_ 4w

    अगर लगे कभी की एक तरफा मोहबत कर बैठें हो किसी से, तो बस दिल में महफूज रखना,
    ना जाने वो भी उसी मोहब्बत को महफूज रखकर बैठा हो।

    कभी ना करना साझा अपने दिल की बात किसी दोस्त से,
    ना जाने वो दोस्त के भेष में दुश्मन बैठा हो।


  • _tamanna_ 51w

    ज़िन्दगी के कुछ किस्से हम खुद से ही कहते और सुनते है!!

  • _tamanna_ 54w


    A lil angel born,
    Mom smiled, as she saw her reflection in her!!

    She named as her , as a "WISH" which was full filled by the God!!

    Later, the girl grown up & started making wishes from God & ppl she love,

    But, none of her wishes full filled!!

    She questioned to God, & he replied :

    How can a wish makes a wish, when she is only made to full fill other's wishes?

  • _tamanna_ 56w

    Broken glass

    A broken glass & a ray of light can give you more hope to shine again ❤️


  • _tamanna_ 57w


    People often leaves you, when you chase them...

    But, they will definitely chase you, when you leave....!!

  • _tamanna_ 62w

    Aakhri Mulaqaat

    Har bar hmara milna,
    Or Jane ke waqt uska mujhe palat kr na dekhna,

    Sochti thi shayad jata dekhna mujhe acha nahi lagta hoga use,
    Lekin na jaane ye samajh hi na payi thi ki wo mud kr kbhi fir dekhna hi nahi chahta mujhe!!


  • _tamanna_ 65w

    Please answer

    What you will do if you feel unwanted in someone's life?

  • _tamanna_ 65w


    I used to be very silent & lost in my own world,
    That annoyed people that I'm Moody, pessimistic, silent etc.

    Now, I keep my voice so loud, kiddo, happy girl✌️in this world,
    This time, It annoys ME!!

    I have changed myself but never wanted too!!


  • _tamanna_ 66w

    After Breakup

    He messaged suddenly one day : hey! Please stop it... Stop missing me!! I am getting hiccups alot...!

    She (blushed) and said deep inside her : Yes, My heart still beats for you only!!


  • _tamanna_ 66w

    Ve pathra

    Ve pathra teriyan akhiyan nu
    Vekhi mera jana kinjh bharda,
    Mera ji karda main mar jaa
    Tu mainu pyar nai karda.

    Tu jo kehna oh kardi aa,
    Tu hath horan da ja fadh da,
    Mera ji karda main mar ja
    Tu mainu pyar nai karda.

    Ve pathra!
    Main mar ja!