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  • _tess_20 7w

    Some pictures write themselves, just by looking at them you already feel it.
    Some lyrics gets you,
    Some songs hits hard, just by listening to them, your heart is into it.
    Some faces brings smile,
    Some memories brings tears, the past always hit us hard.

    But the fact remains
    Life is always life,
    Hope is always hope,
    And you are you.
    You don't need no one to tell you otherwise.

  • _tess_20 9w

    There's a side of me,
    The social media won't reveal.

  • _tess_20 9w

    We don't have be put under pressure to be successful,
    We can't be perfect,
    We also make mistakes,
    We ain't banks, we go through shii sometimes
    We don't open up, not cause we can't, we don't want to.

    Most people are just being rigid and one sided in this situations.

    I get the fact that we have our flaws and all,
    But forget the masculinity and actually see that we have feelings too.

  • _tess_20 9w

    #We also have feelings
    If i were a guy,
    I would probably be tall and cute asf.
    One of them nerdy anime lovers,
    Smart and hot too.

    If I were guy, I would be so sweet,
    If I were a guy I would understand how the society treats them.
    If I were a guy, I would be one of those cheerful givers, I would be reserved too.

    If I were a guy, I would one of the few ones who don't tarnish my gender reputation.
    If I were a guy, I would work hard and be a man. If I were a guy I will say to the society
    "We are also humans, we have feelings too."
    We have our weakness and flaws.

    We can talk things out with ladies.
    The world supports equality, we want equity.

  • _tess_20 9w

    Let me bring to recent times,
    The trending topic .
    To be honest, it's not based on what she wears,
    It's not based on where she is.
    It's a crucial situation,
    And then again I don't blame them,
    Cause the country I grew up in,
    The leaders are corrupt,
    The security is wack.
    "Who can raise up their hands and say
    I trust Nigerian police"?
    No one can,
    It's sad and disheartening as how the female is being treated.

    It's time, For justice, appreciation and recognition of The Female child.
    Thank you I still remain Tess, your aspiring writer.

  • _tess_20 9w

    This might be long,
    Please read and share.

    Hi, I am Tess, I am an aspiring writer and well,
    I was given a topic to write on.

    •The griefs of womanhood•
    "Womanhood is said to be the state of being a woman".
    In others words, the life of a woman.
    As we all know, being a girl in the olden days, the mindset is that you grow up to be a wife and a mother.
    But now, the female child has a choice or doesn't she,
    The female child today is judged by the society.
    Every act of hers is questioned and criticized,
    "Why can't you be like this?" This is how it has been done.

    I am not saying we shouldn't follow tradition and customs but it's time the Female child is appreciated and recognized.

    Right from time,
    The male child has always been preferred and I might say till date.
    Like seriously that was the beginning of favoritism,
    You know why, the female child as been seen as a maid. (The older times tho)
    The kitchen was her work place and the first priority,
    The school is a second priority.


  • _tess_20 9w

    I am better than before,
    Always keep that in mind.

  • _tess_20 9w

    Good morning,
    I saw a post on Facebook few minutes ago
    I wasn't actually bothered I knew I want to make it.
    And at the same time. I thought to myself.
    It's not really about being rich and famous, but about family and to be able to provide for them.
    Yeah, the quote is true and I realized,
    That the most important thing I can do for my future is :
    To be able to depend on myself,
    Have a job and provide for my happy family.
    In the next ten years it won't be about iPhone and social media, but about family.

  • _tess_20 9w

    The fact that we will all grow up one day and become adults feels wonderful right ?
    If I may ask,
    In the next ten to fifteen years ,
    When you look back,
    What memory will make you smile?
    What song will make you dance so hard ?
    What cartoon will bring back memories?
    And what will make you smile and say
    I lived life?

  • _tess_20 9w

    A single conversation, a special moment.
    A lesson for life, a gift.

    I met him on my way to work, we sat down beside each other, we were listening to a song on the radio the song was about life, he smiled and at a drop of a heart, we started talking.
    He asked me a question
    He said who do I wanna become when I get older?
    I said
    "I have only thought of what I wanna become not who"
    He said alright
    What do you wanna become?
    An economist and a writer
    He said why?
    I said, I wanna become an economist to be able to pay bills and be recognized.
    And a writer, cause it's my passion.

    He smiled and said
    You want to kill a two birds with a stone but you never mentioned,
    What kind of person do you want to be?
    What are your personal ideals?
    Whom do you admire?

    If you wish to be an extraordinary person, if you wish to be wise, then you should explicitly identify the kind of person you aspire to become. If you have a daybook, write down who you’re trying to be, so that you can refer to this self-definition. Precisely describe the demeanor you want to adopt so that you may preserve it when you are by yourself or with other people.

    I was dumbfounded
    I didn't know what to say
    At that moment I looked back at my life and I realized all my life I have been looking for ways to make money and pay bills, I never thought of how life can be Beautiful and full of Hope.
    I didn't check my character and the people around me
    All I did was chase the bag
    I asked how do I change that
    The last words he said were
    "My lady, The ball is in your court.

    He alight from the bus
    I was never the same
    Neither did I ever see him.