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  • _the_unkhaien_alfaaz_ 5w


    Weave the unwoven , walk the unplanned,
    Dream of your own heaven and conquer all from your end

    Talk of journey to a place you don't know
    From miseries to treasuries , that's how life flow

  • _the_unkhaien_alfaaz_ 5w

    And then we move ahead and apart

    That day was atlast the last one⚡
    That moment.that time was then known as our final one⚡
    That final hour was then ours⚡
    Which is now remembered watering those blossoming flowers⚡
    Those text messages are now deleted⚡
    But your name is still repeated⚡
    Beneath the shed of withstanding misunderstanding⚡
    My heart still aches and wonders like where we are standing⚡
    Still and erect we are with a fire of egotism⚡
    I think we have lost the sense of affectionism⚡
    That we once had with infinite love in our vision⚡
    Deep inside the heart we felt alive in our precision⚡
    But then the shiny days became dark nights⚡
    And our lovely talks became harsh fights⚡
    And that's how we moved ahead and apart⚡
    Fearing to meet someone ever and restart⚡

  • _the_unkhaien_alfaaz_ 5w

    By unknown writer

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    I writee✒️✒️✒️

    And I write on d stars moving far away from my scars
    And I write on my palms it makes me feel so calm
    And I write on d ground and d sky
    Around and around I write all d time
    Sometimes it flow fast and sometimes slow like d slime
    But I write till d last
    Very slow I'm not so fast
    All my thoughts sitting on d wet grass
    And what I feel Alas!!
    Now it's my passion and not my timepass
    And I write from day to night
    My expiriences are even a bit enlightened in my sight
    My mind search n move left and right
    And I btr know wat is right
    And I write all day on paper wid pen
    Hoping day when u will read n will like it then
    But till then I write and scratch paper with pens
    Forgetting what d world wonders hence
    I write and write and try to strike it right
    Holding diaries in arms hugging it tight
    Bcoz it knows it all in hindsight
    I write . I write . I write