I write what I emote. Nothing has changed... I am still so dopped in our lanes of unseen memories. Do follow me on Instagram my insta_id is :sou__mili

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  • _thecaffeine_ 12w

    Anjanoo ki yaari ka naasha bhi kya gehera paya humne janab esa chadha ki naa utra aur na humne utrne diya bus unki yaari ke aagee kisi aur ki yaari ko na sacha paya...

  • _thecaffeine_ 14w

    When everything falls apart don't get worried, trust your instincts and create your own destiny.
    God helps those who believes in the timing of universe. Sometimes it necessary to trust your intuitions.

  • _thecaffeine_ 14w

    In this quarantine,
    Some people crave for fast food,
    some for going out.

    But the only thing I'm craving for is meeting YOU.

  • _thecaffeine_ 14w

    The most bitter truth that 2020 made me learn was about the hands that are lost are lost forever!
    We can never get enough to hold them back!


  • _thecaffeine_ 14w

    I thought every year brings new rays of hope and illumination!
    But 2020 is just way too harsh!

  • _thecaffeine_ 14w

    We believed that both will rise again,
    How could they not?
    How could they leave us?

    Both are enormously talented Human..
    We will always miss you.
    You both have seperate place in our heart.

    Rest in peace.

  • _thecaffeine_ 15w

    Today death spread his hand towards
    Irr"fan" Khan!

    Rest in peace sir.

  • _thecaffeine_ 15w

    Were we been that far always
    That our shadows even denied to over cross?

  • _thecaffeine_ 15w

    Does the love ends between the two person when the relationship ends?

  • _thecaffeine_ 15w

    Love between two person never end when relationship ends

    They still care for each other.
    They still love each other.
    They miss each other.

    But they are unable to express it