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  • _theopenbook_ 3w

    Chupke se aakar
    dil mai ghar kar jate ho...
    Haule se kaano mai
    Dil ki baat keh jate ho....
    Dil chura kr Le jate ho...
    Aur har paraye ko apna kar jate ho...

  • _theopenbook_ 3w

    Khamosh hai Yeh zubaan
    Mgr ankhen nhi....
    Qreeb Ho itne k faasle nhi...
    Dard h Mgr
    Koi gum nhi qki sath Ho tum
    To Koi fikr nhi

  • _theopenbook_ 8w

    Our journey proves that opposites attract each other...
    Our journey proves that a gf is not always a gold digger...
    Our journey proves that a bf not always wanted a physical relation...
    In short our journey our journey proves that love is not which is expressed by words but it's the intense feeling which can't be affordable by everyone...only the blessed one gets a perfect soul...

    Love uh a lot. .
    Really blessed to have uh...

  • _theopenbook_ 14w


    Iss pyari si muskurahat ka raaz Ho tum
    Meri har dua ki fariyaad Ho tum
    Har kisi ki to nhi
    Magar Meri jaan Ho tum

  • _theopenbook_ 14w


    Khwabo ko pankh dia h tumne
    Har musibat mail Sahara dia h tumne...
    Mumkin to na tha tumse pyar hona
    Mgr vo bhi kr dikhaya h tumne...

  • _theopenbook_ 16w

    Galti mai karan
    Tu manave har baar ve
    Koi Kidda kr skda h inna zyda pyr ve

    Tere mere rishte nu
    Nazar na lag je lokan Di. ..

  • _theopenbook_ 17w

    This diwali burn ur ego...
    And play safe and eco friendly diwali...

  • _theopenbook_ 17w


    Love fills uh with a power to face every situation whether good or bad it fills us with a confidence it becomes our strength nor weakness becoz if u r love is ur weakness then it's not ur true love it's a relations which can't we expressed in any way. ..its that feeling which uh never wanna loose...its not compulsory to have love only for ur partner it can be it lobe towards ur bestii ur parents etc

  • _theopenbook_ 17w

    For one who think makeup is the only one to showcase woman's beauty

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    Some girls are soo beautiful that they don't need any product to show their beauty rather they look more beautiful without makeup...

  • _theopenbook_ 19w

    Pyar vo nhi...
    jo lafzo se bayan kia jaye
    Pyar to vo h
    Jo ankhon se jhalakta h...