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  • _truthtalks_ 4w

    You should do something.... because

    You are something....i.e.

    You are here something to CHANGE....


  • _truthtalks_ 5w

    There is no problem with Animals, Air, Water, etc....
    The only problem is Humans....
    Loving money, Snobbery, Ego, vanity, jealous, hurting, Religion, Caste etc ...., Created all the stuff, separating, no talkings with other and became a virus for Society.


  • _truthtalks_ 7w


    Failure shows not Only the errors

    but also enemies in life

  • _truthtalks_ 9w

    Dear crush
    You may everything to me
    But without my mom am nothing


  • _truthtalks_ 14w


  • _truthtalks_ 14w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word micro-tale on Ungrateful

    Read More

    I didn't hit you

  • _truthtalks_ 14w

    WHO you are is most important than WHAT you have

  • _truthtalks_ 14w

    Who are you

    What is the

  • _truthtalks_ 28w

    "Comparison is only healthy if it Inspires you to want to do better
    Not if it makes you vain and bitter."

    -Jason silva

  • _truthtalks_ 33w

    Now a days being good is a crime