Cherish things which shapes u r soul while perish those begrade u r life

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  • _twinkle__ 8h

    Happiest independence day

    15th August 1947, a day of independence!!
    Every Indian's tongue today speak's this sentence!!
    United we stand, divided we fall !!
    India stated this golden words to tge world recall!!
    A heritage of serene beauty,
    Indian - a perfect epitome of unity in diversity!!
    Taj mahal - a world's wonder,
    Himalaya- a pride of India's corner,
    Ganga - a magical blessings shower,
    From gujarat to assam,
    Kashmir to kanyamuri,
    India everywhere is unique finder!!
    Faith in mind, honesty in words, astonishing culture,
    India on earth picturizes the human values sculpture!!
    With freedom in heart, mind and soul,
    "Lets oath to make India best in everyway,
    Cherishing 73rd independence day "

  • _twinkle__ 5d

    If we write a poem on poetry itself!!!!
    #diary #pod#life

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    Poetry, a chord to my heart and mind ,
    Isolate the plenty of emotions grind ,
    Makes the thought and words bind!!

    Poetry -a poet's inspiration,
    Give uncleared mindset a direction,
    To many souls act as a motivation,
    A channel to reach imajined destination!

    Has the compentency to hidden feeling guess,
    When emotion fails to express,
    Poetry impress !!

    Nevertheless me and my poetry,
    Will be each others companion solely!!

  • _twinkle__ 1w

    Ending always a new beginning !!

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    Every ending is a new beginning

    When we came to this world,
    Surely we have taken exit from somewhere, so we entered here!
    Similarly, whenever a things end it remarks a new beginning!!
    When one chapter of life gets over, another is just ready,
    Things are not limited, like a cycle one after other they go on processing !
    Likely , after we slept today, tomorrow again we need to get up!
    The night ends and day begins,
    When we bid adieu to any chapter, our heart is ready to welcome the next one!!
    "When one door of happiness closes another opens,
    Even in the darkest ray of sadness,
    A smile can give a new direction towards positivity and happiness :
    This simple smiles is beyond magical ethics,
    Which can make us cross any path stunningly "
    With a solutions never to end and new hopes to always begin.

  • _twinkle__ 1w

    Thirsting to meet you!!

    Thoughts of you don't let me sleep,
    Continuously,my eyes at door peep,
    Waiting for that one door bell ring,
    Thirsting for my favorite lines to sing!

    I know the fact you are no with me more,
    I curse my destiny, why it turn out to be that much sore?
    Things are not the same,
    Now, I can see you only in the frame!

    My heart ransacks loneliness too calm,
    As of now, you are in god's arm,
    Karma can only make us apart,
    But can never steal you away from my heart,
    Eternity will make us meet in heaven,
    I want to be your daughter again!!
    - twinkle✨

  • _twinkle__ 1w

    Papa-I miss u

    Dad! the pillar of each family,
    To hold us together, to bond us together!
    Whether be ups or down,
    He's the only person who will rose your spirits always high!!
    Always there to lift his children's hand!!
    Whenever, he see them in pain!!
    The only man every girl can trust!
    Is no one else than her father!!
    Blessed are those who have his presence till end... In their life...
    Somewhere some are undestinied to witness his love...
    As we don't know what life has planned,
    So we as our wonderful father should try to be a wonderful son/daughter,
    And no matter what may come... We should never underestimate him, always be proud!
    Because often we understand the value of person! When they left us!! So love him beyond he deserve !!
    cherish the present moment..
    You and your hero (dad)
    - twinkle✨

  • _twinkle__ 1w

    Agenda -life...

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    Life is very unfair,
    The moment we get to live in fully are very rare!
    Never lose hopes,
    Feel free to say whatever you want, wherever your heart makes you stop!
    Be humble, never hesitate :
    Never let your words make someone manipulate!
    Speak 'em all with kindness,
    May they remember all your goodness!
    "polite" you try to be always,
    Because its words and action will make them mesmerize you, not face!
    At the end, during dawn, is someone smiling, because of you!!
    Congratulate!! yourself, 'coz, you have made your day and live it wonderfully true!!

  • _twinkle__ 2w

    Whether in this u world be grateful to someone or not... But always be grateful to your parents ❤
    #parents #love #life

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    Luv u mumma papa.. ❤

    Parents and children are the only forever promise to each other!!!

  • _twinkle__ 2w

    Friendship is one of the most beautiful non forced relationship of the world!!!
    Happiest frndship day in advance!!!

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    कैसी है यह यारियां !!
    थोड़ी खट्टी थोड़ी मीठी पर हमेशा साथ रहने वाली ,
    ऐसी है यह यारियां !!
    दोस्त तुम्हारे जैसे हो कोई घाव के लिए मरहम की जरूरत ना पड़े बस तेरा साथ ही काफी है ,
    ऐसी है यह यारियां !!
    समुद्र के किनारे खजाना नहीं मिलता जिंदगी में दोस्त तुम्हारे जैसे नहीं मिलते ,
    एसी है यह यारीयाँ!!
    उस यारी को क्या अल्फाज ना, कहो जिसे सोच कर बोलना नहीं पड़ता बल्कि बोलकर सोचना पड़ता है ,
    एसी है यह यारीयाँ!!
    यादों में कभी दुआओं में जिंदगी में तुम हमेशा रहोगे रहोगे खास,
    ऐसी है यह यारियां !!
    यादोंका किस्सा खोलो तो याद आते हैं वह लम्हे जो साथ गुजारे थे भले हो मुझसे दूर पर दिल के पास
    ऐसी है यह यारियां!!

  • _twinkle__ 2w

    In the world of fairy tale,
    I want our story to sail!!
    The way butterflies seek the attention,
    I want our stories to be one of marvellous creations!!
    Like the magical world of Disney land,
    I want our stories magic in every corner to withstand!!
    Like the colours of rainbow,
    I want every shades of our stories to glow!!
    The way this picture chills,
    I want our story which every human existing can feel!!
    Like how unique is a wonder,
    I want our story never to surrender!!
    Our story to be the perfect epitome of romance,
    I want not only in paris, but in entire galary should sprinkle its glance,
    Like the charming twilight,
    I want till the world exist our story should highlight!!!

  • _twinkle__ 3w

    Eyes with no sparkle,
    Voice with no chirp,
    Heart with no creep,
    Soul with no spirit,
    Gloomy thoughts have taken my entire
    Glam away!!
    This nostalgia will turned back to prevalency only when you and me will turn again back into "us"