There's miles to go before I sleep❤️

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  • _unknown_writer13 3w

    To someone who has changed(-:

    I often think about those days when u were always there with me & there for me no matter what(-: u were the happiest one when I was born u were the one who use to hold my hands & u use to teach me how to walk one by one step by step(-: I use to love hearing to ur childhood stories before I go to bed whenever I use to fall sick i could c u suffering as well u always made sure to put a smile on my face whenever I scribble(-:u were always there by my side i use to consider u as my superhero uggh i still do(-: u always use to spend time with me no matter how busy u were If I ever wanted something u use to bring that for me by hook or crook u were the best of best u made me feel the most special & precious one(-: & u made me consider u as the best one(-:
    Now I feel u're completely changed I miss the old u and I really do now days we hardly talk(-: Ik that u're often busy but now u don't bother about me nor give me time u don't even ask me how m I feeling & so on idk what's the thing that is changing u but it really hurts me deep inside(-: I love u the most & I'll l always doIt's just that I miss the old u

  • _unknown_writer13 8w

    What was it?

    Uk in our life sometimes
    There's a time when we're completely lost tired rid of this life & so on
    And we hope for someone who stand by us throughout that time
    Lucky ones r those who have one in their life(-:

    While I was just done with my life
    U stepped in as a ray of hope for me
    I considered myself pretty lucky
    Cox I felt that I found one kinda person like that(-:

    We started talking
    We started knowing each other
    We started sharing how do we feel
    & guess what we had the same kinda story (-:

    We became friends
    In a very short spam of time
    But I felt we weren't just friends
    I wanted to tell u that y dont u understand we aren't just friends^_^

    But I had a fear to tell u that
    U meant a lot to me
    & yea I knew that I was falling for u
    It was so unexpected but was so true

    Ur voice was the only sound ny ears wished to hear
    Ur smile was the only thing these eyes would wanted to c
    Ur happiness was just so precious to me
    Over that u were someone really special to me❤️

    Well I still didn't had the guts to confess u
    But who knew that even u felt the same
    When u said ily for the1st time
    My heartbeat skipped a bit
    Tbh I could not believe the fact

    Then we started dating
    It was an ldr but yea our love was true
    I never met u in real life
    But u always made sure that
    I could feel ur presence

    Everything was just going so well
    Until u changed
    Yea I understand that u had personal problems
    But I could feel u changing

    Then suddenly we stopped talking
    I could not get out of u
    U were always on my mind
    There was no day when I didn't think of u or missed u

    Well I was all into u
    And I never felt for anybody like this before
    How could I forget u when u gave me so much to remember
    How could I forget u when u made me feel so special
    Ur voice always haunted in my ears

    I still didn't loose hope
    I was waiting for u
    I was waiting for ur one text in my notification
    I was waiting to hear ur voice(-:

    After few days

    U finally texted
    I was so in love with u
    That I didn't even think
    Before giving u a second chance

    I could feel a bag of mixed feelings that time
    I thought that u loved me as much as I do
    But yea I was a fool thinking that(-:

    Maybe my love was not enough for u
    Maybe It was just a one sided love
    Maybe what not
    But I still keep on thinking
    What was it? (-:

  • _unknown_writer13 10w

    It's still you(-:

    I never believed in love at 1st sight
    But few years ago,
    When I saw u for the 1st time
    It was just like

    "Hey pretty stranger"
    " I think u look cute"
    "Can I get ur number"
    " I really wanna know u^_^"

    I kinda started liking u that time
    As the days passed
    & I was eagerly waiting to talk to u
    I was lucky enough & I got ur num really soon

    I was feeling kinda shy
    To talk to you
    But I couldn't wait & I just did it
    I blushed each & every time when we use to talk(-:

    We started talking more & more
    & then I realized that I was falling for u
    After few days I got to know that
    It was the same from u(-:

    Then our story started
    I still cannot express that feeling
    Which I felt when we started dating
    It was just so wonderful

    We created a lot of memories every other day
    I considered myself so damn lucky & blessed
    Cox I had u in my life
    I could see my future in you (-:

    U made me feel so special & precious
    U use to remember the every little thing which I said(-:
    We celebrated monthsaries & anniversaries together
    & our love was just growing fonder day by day❤️

    Even our relationship had ups & down
    Even we fought for no reason
    & u always use to come & convince me
    U were just so perfect babe(-:❤️

    Time flies in just a blink of an eye
    Idk but I could feel u changing
    We started talking very less
    U stopped giving me time

    Idk what changed u(-:
    U said me to forget u
    But how can I forget u
    When u gave me so much to remember

    I never even thought in my bad dreams
    That u would turned out to be like this
    Maybe I wasn't enough for u
    Maybe u replaced me with some other

    I thought of spending my life with u
    But maybe we weren't made for each other:'(:'(
    But babe I still can't get over u
    U're always on my mind

    Though our bond didn't have a happy ending
    But I still love u<3
    It's you it's always u &
    It's still u(-:
    ~Urs maimu(-:

  • _unknown_writer13 10w

    Let it be(-:

    I believed in 11:11
    But it was 4:4
    When u stepped in
    And everything just changed

    U looked at me & so did I
    The next day it all started with a hey
    There were mixed feelings at that time
    I could feel butterflies in my tummy

    The little things u did for me
    Gave me a bunch of happiness
    Whenever ur text popped out
    I couldn't wait to text u back(-:

    Day by day we started talking more
    I got to know u more
    Our silly fights
    Being angry for no reason

    U were just a crush at the beginning
    But I never knew I would end up falling for u:-)
    I always said yea we're just friends
    But deep inside I knew I felt for u

    The feelings were so new
    Was so damn true
    I was in love love u yea I felt for u
    Everything u did made me fall for u

    I was waiting for a right time 2 express
    My feelings for u
    My love for u the way I cared for u
    I was just afraid to loose u X (-:

    Well time flies
    & u started getting attracted towards somebody else(-:
    U didn't even thought once
    Before saying all that words to me
    Well my heart was already broken
    & instead of healing u hurted me more

    U meant so much to me
    And u still do
    I called it a one sided love
    Bcox it wasn't the same from u

    My love for u is still the same
    And it will always remain the same
    I just pray for ur happiness
    With or without me I had hopes
    But now I don't have it any more

    U left me all alone when I needed u
    Every piece of me still aches for u
    Yet I still can't get over u
    So let it be, let it be, let it be(-:

  • _unknown_writer13 10w

    Inner me(-:

    U know life is a roller coaster ride
    At times it gives us happiness
    At times sorrow pain
    At times heart breaks
    At times nothing(-:

    They say u're changed
    U were not this
    U were a happy soul
    But when I begin to say something
    They say chill champ u're strong
    M there wid & there for u

    For once cox of their melting words
    I do believe that yea they r there for me
    But later on when actually the time comes
    When I need them
    I realize thar nobody is there for me
    Everyone seems to be so fake
    But the bitter truth is
    They pretend that they're real(-:

    I feel so low
    This loneliness is killing me
    This sadness is hitting me hard
    I don't know y do I feel so weird

    I can't even express how do I feel
    The pain inside me is breaking me
    I try to share my feelings
    Yet that fear of others judging me stops me!!!!

    The person whom I love the most
    The thought of losing that person
    Hurts me more
    I can't even share with that special person
    How do I feel(-:

    Where they were times
    When I use to laugh the most
    But now there r times
    When life itself laughs at me

    I m tired of listening to fake people
    I m tired of people who judge me
    I m tired of each and everything
    Yes that's inner me
    An unhappy and a dead soul(-:

  • _unknown_writer13 11w

    Still can't forget it(-:

    It was 11:11
    And I asked for wish
    I never knew that u would come in my life(-:♥️
    It was a miracle so was unexpected

    Ur charming eyes
    Ur beautiful smile
    Was so wonderful just as u
    When I looked at u I blushed
    It was just so real

    The way u spelled my name
    The way u made me feel happy
    The way u made me feel special
    I could literally forget everything
    I was just lost into you(-:

    Time passed & by the time u changed
    Maybe u found someone else
    But I could not still believe that
    Cox my love for u was damn true

    U left when I needed u the most
    Idk y did u do that
    Maybe I wasn't enough or the best
    I waited for u and was still waiting
    I had hopes that u'll come back
    But u didn't & yea I was left out(-:

    Where at once when I looked at u
    I use to believe in true love thing
    But now when when u disappeared
    M scared to fall in love again
    M scared to trust someone
    M just scared that I may hurt myself again

    M trying to heal
    M trying to be strong
    M trying to forget everything
    Still can't forget it(-:

  • _unknown_writer13 11w

    She :-)

    She was happy
    She was confident
    She loved herself as the way she is
    She didn't care what people think about her
    She did everything which made her happy

    Now, she's sad
    She feels nervous
    She feels weird
    She feels she's lost
    She isn't able to figure out what's wrong with her :-)

    She doesn't feels happy anymore
    She feels nothing
    She just feels alone
    She feels she's somewhere lost
    Lost in the dark or maybe somewhere

    She isn't able to express how does she feels
    She feels nobody is there for her
    She feels hopeless
    She feels helpless
    She feels lonely

    She was the happiest soul once
    But now she's one of the saddest soul
    She doesn't knows y is she feeling like this
    She feels low every single day

    She screams
    She cries
    She hides her pain behind her smile
    She asks for her happiness back

    She doesn't says anybody what she feels
    She's just trying to love herself
    She's trying to be the one who use to be herself
    She she she she's trying to find herself

  • _unknown_writer13 16w


    Dearest moon
    Every Night I look up at the sky
    In the dark
    I see u moon

    When I m tired working the whole day
    & when I c the dark everywhere
    I always get angry with the dark
    But I thank u moon for being my shining light

    Since when I was a little girl
    I'd always grant a wish to God
    And I still do
    UK moon what is it?
    It's to give me u moon

    Dear moon u r so beautiful
    I wish ur beauty never fades
    And those tiny stars which u bring with urself
    Those r as pretty as u

    When the day is done
    Then the night comes
    And with night comes the dark
    But when I c u up in the sky
    I feel immensely happy

    Every Night I look for u up in the sky
    Moon UK what
    U arey happiness
    And u give me happiness

    Whenever u r hidden behind the clouds
    I just feel so bad
    I feel I could just bring u here
    And never let u go back
    But it's next to impossible

    Whenever I look at u
    I forget all my problems
    U seem to be a ray of hope for me
    All I want to say is
    Thank u dearest moon

  • _unknown_writer13 20w

    Fam forever❤

    To my marianites fam bam❤,

    Heya!!! I hope y'all doing good tbh m just speechless 2day like Idk how to share my feelings towards u guys like man its been more than 11years that we've been together & tysm for the amazing years in which we've created a lifetime memories ty for tolerating me & my irritating behaviour whenever I was falling down u guys were the one to pick me up we've share both good & bad times together there was a combination of everything when at times we were happy & at times sad I always use to wait for holidays and use to count the days when the school will be closed but trust me guys now when I can't come back 2 SMS with the same school uniform with the same spirit & confidence & many more it feels so bad & even worst I've never even thought that I'll make such good friends brother sister like u guys who've always been there for me but alas those days won't come back now it gives me chills from inside whenever I realize that m no more a student of SMS & I can't wear that school uniform the school head girl badge sash now I won't be able to attend the morning assembly of SMS captains assembly from excursions to outings & all those cultural activities & I won't be able to meet & c u guys daily I didn't wanted to leave SMS but what to do what's written in the book of fortune we cannot change it i will get new friends nd i will come across many people in life but nobody can replace ur place guys I hope u guys will stay the same & u guys won't forget ur irritating abha there's so much to tell about u guys but it won't fit into words u guys mean so much to me and I love u guys beyond infinity thank u for everything & if u ever need me m always there ❤love u guys stay blessed happy nd healthy take care study well major misses hope to c y'all soon❤


  • _unknown_writer13 27w

    Lost somewhere

    I wakeup every morning
    With a fake smile
    Trying to survive and still surviving in these cruel world
    With lots of fake people
    Fake hopes,trust,relationships,friends

    I feel so low today
    Wanna hold someone
    And cry out loud
    I feel pity on myself
    Cox I don't have anybody with me here

    Searching for my smile
    Searching for my happiness
    Searching for my true friends
    Searching for everything
    That I've lost in the past

    M not even able to express my feelings
    Cox people always target my weaker point
    I try not to get affected by their words
    But its to hard for me now
    I've been too weak and couldn't be strong anymore

    "Trust" does this word even exists now?
    "Friends"are they even real ?
    "Relationship" how long does it exists?
    "Humans" do they even care?
    These words r lost just like me

    Sometimes I even wish to get disappear really soon
    I know nobody's there for me
    They just pretend that they are ☺
    Yes m hurt
    Yes m broken
    Yes m lost in my own thoughts
    Yes m lost somewhere☺