Grabbing sunflowers and tea:) ~A common form of human starving hard to write.

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  • _upasa_na_ 2w

    Thousands of stars in her sky, she picked up her favourite moon.
    Who would always need her sun to shine bright:)
    Who would always shine only with him!
    Who couldn't think of living without him.
    Yet her sun never confronted to leave her moon alone.
    Her stars gave her hope, her moon needed him,but the only thing was her sun, who never wanted them to be together, because she was the powerful one!
    She loved them, protected them, yet never really wanted them to shine alone!
    Her stars would cry for this agony, her moon would promise her to stay away..
    All she ever tried to keep in pace was bright light that had lighten up their paths, today, tomorrow and forever
    Only if her moon ever realised! ✨

  • _upasa_na_ 2w


    This December had promised her to stand at worst and best, and with washing away pain exactly at 11:59, just a glimpse of flashbacks making her weak once again! Because 22 had to be the best,if not best, atleast him before anything else because heart couldn't accept anybody else!
    Making sure she's strong, yet words stammered to confess out that it was the best of all!
    22 kept it's promise ✨

  • _upasa_na_ 4w


    Is that okay, if this time never returns?
    Is that okay if being me today never changes vibes for you?
    And is everything around you perfectly okay if a shadow at the worst doesn't bother you!
    Strangers and love keeps bonds warmer, loving and hating mesmerizes nights together and thinking yet not expressing sucks all of my time,
    Making her strong didn't make you feel you made her worst too!
    20s will bring my essence, cause this December I promised to walk bad and right!
    Let 22nd bring hopes of being able to live!
    Cause I have learned a lot to live
    With you, without you~ doesn't matter

  • _upasa_na_ 5w


    Sudden awareness of yours towards me doesn't surprise anymore, time changes people, people do welcomes the change.
    If you ever thought I cared, yes I did but not anymore now.
    You were always on your path, sticking to life and not bothering to show how you cared once !
    I do remember but, not anymore ,Everytime now!
    Don't love people, don't love me especially with all your time!
    I would prefer to love your ignorance rather than fantasies and your forced actions of showing that you bother!
    This version of mine has tried to accept your changes with all my heart!
    Take note of precious timings and value people for lifetime that offers you all of theirs!
    She isn't begging anymore darling!
    She isn't forcing anymore!
    All she craves is for purity and good intentions!

  • _upasa_na_ 6w

    The cube✨

    Just pretend like it's over, and you see how life's going to leave a shadow every time you find yourself to look pretty!
    Here's, you're welcomed to shape yourself with these words as perfectly you can, try hard!
    Life is same as this, seems easy, hard to match the cube, yet giving hopes that hardwork will let you smile , but before that focus on that cube ✨

  • _upasa_na_ 6w

    Everytime these waves of hopes washes me,
    I love hating you , because there's a way how you manipulate me through!
    And everytime I try to feel you,
    There's where I love loving you,cause you have been my best ever nightmare!
    Just dream, wake and everything's parallel.
    Where you live, I love and we deny to get a goodbye, yet just spread smiles!

  • _upasa_na_ 6w


    Winters on the way, slowing enguishing her arms around his and letting her fairytale to blossom and spread the essence of how beautiful is to be in love,
    He denied, yet she had not lose hopes of being in thoughts ,
    Could you get what she ever wanted?
    He would often ask if she was real?
    Yet he himself couldn't figure out the fact that he had none of those thoughts that excited her in ways and let her soul to create butterflies!
    Writing for you don't seem much struggle and eyes don't mind even crying!
    Where soul like hers treasures for love from you, you shouldn't even mind whether she loves writing a piece of words for you, a paragraph, or even a book.
    Do feel that love if she is even offering, cause a love from her would surely make in love with her!
    Let's hope, let's fight, let's not talk and let's just create a different form of love by zooming in pictures!
    And let her love you, if you won't she don't gives a fuck!
    But please just dont view your thoughts whether she should love you or not.
    She don't give a fuck.

  • _upasa_na_ 8w


    For at times, when you allow her to love you more,
    You forget how you loved her too.
    Let her go through this to know you!
    Words that comforted nights and took her to feel your love, was indeed the best way she could make yourself to you!
    For at times, you couldn't make out about her!
    Don't come late to, make her life chaotic.
    Will your love wrap her arms a more to make this harder?
    Or should she leave before you do that?
    Make the love happen for her, because she begs this time for her life!
    You come close, let her hands tremble to make sure about she wants you, and you now!
    A goodbye!

  • _upasa_na_ 8w


    Some feelings of
    heart aren't felt
    to be penned
    beautifully with words.

  • _upasa_na_ 8w


    Things got deep before you left and broken hearts couldn't find peace in times of need,
    You took her for your time, not even realising she could make her your strength and let her soul bleed in lies.
    You have decided to create that scene for her, that her mind couldn't get out of, and your actions didn't let away go either.
    For every day you had a mind full of hatred , and blessing life for she was gone, you didn't realize she had made it all alone in her way to love.
    She stood up to love, you let her pull to worst .
    And where love went on to pieces of shattered hopes, you never failed to make her believe that you were the worst.
    The worst.