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  • _uv_says 1w

    Rainbow Horse

    We are different shades of the same rainbow,
    dwelling in this sky of abundance called 'Society'.
    Each with unique abilities and wonders hidden within.
    Isn't this coexistence colorful !
    Every birth here deserves equal right to live
    And every right takes birth with respect.
    Who are we to deny them ?
    After all we are all part of the same water
    destined to drizzle down
    To make this 'Land of Society' fertile!

  • _uv_says 1w


    வழிப்போக்கனின் நிரந்தர நண்பன்,
    கார் இருளில் கை பிடிக்கும் துணை,
    இளமையில் மனம் ஏங்கும் சுதந்திரம்,
    முதுமையில் வாட்டிக்கொல்லும் வலி,
    கவிஞனின் கவிக்கு ஊற்று.
    குருதியிலே பிறக்கையில் கலந்ததோ?!
    உயிரின் இறுதி வரை பிணைத்து நின்றதே!
    நிலையான தனிமையே!!

  • _uv_says 1w

    You can't seek a different output by repeating the same process.
    When things doesn't change,
    change the way you look at them.
    That's what is called a 'healthy change!'.

  • _uv_says 2w

    Holy Harmony

    Every existence in this shared home of ours
    seeks the existence of the other to cling to.
    Sky for a bird,
    Land for a tree
    Similarly God for man.
    Clinging doesnt mean complete dependency.
    Its just about the peace and comfort gained over others.
    If you find it in air breathe it!
    If silence is peace then hold it!
    If you find it in you ,then worship it!.
    God is everywhere!
    Let the one who is mine shall not bother yours.
    Thats where fraternity lies

  • _uv_says 2w

    The moment you think you have read me completely
    Is the moment when I will surprise you with my new definition.
    More you define,
    More I shall change.
    Keep making your judgements folks,
    So I shall explore every other better version of mine
    To surprise 'You'

  • _uv_says 2w

    Vision Big

    Visualise the immense possibilities around you.
    Its the change that you demand and imagine that
    Sculpts your dreams into reality !!So
    Imagine and ignite the creepiest and craziest thoughts that crawl in your mind.
    Open to the world ,your dreams that chase you to the wild.
    Never succumb to anything low.
    Be brave and bestow the world with your goodness and sheer strength.
    Initiation is what it all needs so,
    Get going with a better vision and different perspective to make wonders in the world and to find hidden wonder in this poem!.

  • _uv_says 3w

    The teddy bear replied :
    "I hear it always dear.
    The loudest of your giggles still echoes in my fluffy ears.
    The way you wet me deep with relentless tears.
    Every tight hug after your succesful day
    And every tighter one after your days of dismay.
    My large shining eyes shall not showcase it's tears of concern.
    But my hug does!.
    My silence would be as soothing as my fur in all your twists and turns.
    And the tightly stitched, deeply curved smile of mine shall always invite your love and smile.
    Lets hold tight with just silence "

    With love

  • _uv_says 3w

    "It's Ok!"
    And everything changed.
    Little by little,
    Day by day,
    Pain for joy,
    Betrayal for company,
    Hidden tears for intimacy,
    But self respect for love? Nah !
    "It's not Ok!"
    And everything changed.

  • _uv_says 4w

    Few things are just so subjective.
    More you explain More it turns worthless.
    More you fail.

    Just move on.

  • _uv_says 5w

    There's no guarantee for a pleasant peaceful life in return for forgiving someone.
    Its just about giving them a chance to put out their long raged fire.
    A chance to heal the pain that ignited the rage.
    A wounded heart begets wound.
    Love begets love!