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  • a_aditya 7w

    He - You know I adore her so much..
    She is so amazing . Her smile is so alluring , her dimple , curls of her hair and the way she sides them from her face ..Her eyes so deep , whenever I look into them ,I see as if I am standing on a hill from where it's a jump that I am taking to the unknown...

    She - Why don't you tell these things to her..?? You must confess... She must know na that someone adores her so much.. She will be quite lucky though.

    He - Because I fear that if we have to get parted .
    Maybe I am transitory and this transitory being doesn't want to give her beloved a permanent grief.
    I fear if she would disapprove..

    She - No , you must tell . Love always find its way.
    And it's never transitory.

    He - I just told everything to her.

    She - Wait...What.. what do you mean..Umm
    OMG ... Wait where you going .. hey.. She is speechless Okay . stop.. (in her mind uggh what to say now.. I hate these speechlessness attacks )
    She is ready .. She also wanted to say these things.


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  • a_aditya 8w


  • a_aditya 8w

    End is the only hope .
    Hope the only end.
    Let's end it the way we started . TOGETHER!!!!

    Haven't you ever felt this life as a nostalgia.
    Ah! Nostalgia..��

    ����Mainu tu leja kithe door..��������

    @iam_rose @theunknownmystery_ @vedika_11 @binte_nadeem @zahsha @when_eyes_narrate @the_writress_ @naheen_zaara @in_shaa @bariya_hamid

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  • a_aditya 9w

    She was Sitting on a bench indulged in her mobile phone... He came and asked about what she was doing..


    She - Reading an article ..You know what? it says that while looking at your beloved your pupils dilate..

    He -Yep.. It's true.. because we don't want our beloved to see those teary eyes holding the pain which we have been through.. covering the redness caused by those insomniac nights...

    She- * Looking deeply into his eyes *.
    Yes.. I can see.... But how do you do that.?
    He - *smiles*
    Learning from you..

    @iam_rose @theunknownmystery_ @vedika_11 @dark_furs @shreyah @binte_nadeem @twinkling_girl @bariya_hamid @the_writress_ @fajr_fajr

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  • a_aditya 10w


    ����Mainu tu lai ja kitey door mereya haniya
    Mainu tu lai ja kitey door…

    Jithe pyar diyan rahwaan
    Jithe thandiyan hawawaan
    Jithe ambaro’n baras da noor mere haniya

    Mainu tu lai ja kitey door mereya haniya
    Mainu tu lai ja kitey door…����
    ~ Heartless ~ Aastha Gill

    @iam_rose @vedika_11 @in_shaa @bariya_hamid @twinkling_girl @binte_nadeem @zahsha @the_writress_ @_sparkling_soul @naheen_zaara

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  • a_aditya 12w

    Kingdoms means the religions as they are no less than those medieval and ancient kingdoms which could do anything to continue the war and to harm each other...
    Likely they do promote what shall not be..

    And the kingdom after refers to the nation of god.. where only love resides ..

    Unfortunate are those who confine to their wells and imagine it as the sea.

    @iam_rose @theunknownmystery_ @in_shaa @bariya_hamid @vedika_11 @dark_furs @the_writress_ @twinkling_girl @binte_nadeem @naheen_zaara

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  • a_aditya 13w

    ���� Collab time����
    My first collaboration here...
    And that too with @theunknownmystery_ ����
    Thank you so much for lighting this post of mine with your words ☺️ .��������

    It's the journey through the desert of life...
    Where you have to strive, strive and strive

    Here you will see the mirage of happiness
    The changing reality on looked by conscience

    They days are bright , both the fate and sun are showing their might
    As an escape I travel in the moonlight....
    This moon sends me the message of love.. the vibes and blessings from my distant dove.

    The hate all over has made the heat..
    As an effect of which the world has lost its beat

    The sky is clear.. the destination is so near..
    I sometimes wonder if this desert is a river..

    The past must be there..
    The flowers they say bloom everywhere...
    I ask them where are the flowers here..

    A tiny drop fallen in this vast desert I am
    Hoping for the time when I will be called back.


    I walk through the desert,along with the caravan with moon shinning bright above and leading us to terminus.
    Journey through the desert ,as said, isn't that easier.
    You may leave the caravan within any fragment of second.
    So beautify your innerself and start spreading message of love.
    Cause moon in that dark night conveys through it's radiance ,
    'O ye beauty with brains ! Love is my brilliance.
    For you to gleam like me , give off convenience '


    @iam_rose @vedika_11 @the_writress_ @passionbookworm @crazzypen @binte_nadeem
    @in_shaa @saba_rizvi @zarshaq

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  • a_aditya 14w


  • a_aditya 16w

    @the_writress_ ☺✌

    Thank you so much for this prompt .
    It was fun to write like this.✌��

    10 things I am good at ��

    1 I am  good at exploring new interest seeking things and finishing them, like I get phases of obsessions towards things.. if found something interesting then i will continue to search for it till i get  enough knowledge about that particular topic.
    (mtlb hadd ho jayegi tbtk ����)

    || List of my obsessions continued as follows ||

    1) It started from aliens ....
    My favorites ����  From 8th standard to 9th standard ... Everything for me was reading and searching about aliens ...Documentaries , conspiracy theories they were like ���� , searching about these things was the only thing i did rather than studying..

    2) I love pokemons ����
    Although now i got somewhat distant to them �� coz i realised they wont come..I crafted fantasies of me and my pokemon army... Like dreaming myself in place of Ash ...I still think that Gary is better than Ash ������
    But Pokemon world is better than this one .. and...
    I want that ����

    3) I am a very shy person... If you ever meet me in a person... you will be perplexed whether you  met the right person or not. ����
    Coz i simply talk too less ..You will find me quite awkward..I never start the conversation or maybe very rarely only if i find that the other person is also like me.. But for that you will have to spend 15-20 minutes of no talk or maybe it can stretch to half an hour  ��

    4 I am good at sensing others conditions
     ( I think so )
     I generally get sympathy for people those who are even bad ...Coz there is still a chance of goodness in every evil.
    Sometimes that sympathy turns to empathy .
    At times when idle  I think  what if there was anything ..., What if I am dreaming currently and when I wake people will call it death..Then as obvious , mind can't imagine and understand things like this .. so I start feeling drowsy...��✌️

    5)  I avoid anger and any emotion like that which may hurt the other person , them to the maximum possible extent like even if that starts hurting me ..
    Coz i think "kya pta agla/agli kl tk. Alive rhe bhi ya nhi.. kyo dukhi kiya ise..."

    6 Spirituality is my favorite so definitely religion will not be... Its quite interesting and we should also not become a kuwe (well) ka Mendak (frog)��..
    Yes.. i would say that most of the people i see on this platform also .. are like kuwe ke mendak... Yaar come on.. jump outta it. Don't confine yourself to the kuwa of hinduism or kuwa of islam or kua of jainism ...
    Come out and see the. VAST SEA OF GOD
    Look now again i started ��
    But yes kuwe ke mendak ,to kuwe ki tarif krege hi ..
    Jo" A "kuwe  ka hoga vo khega ki A wala kuwa best h ,B kuwe wala B ko best btayega..
    Lekin thoda to  socho kuwe ka paani kha se aaya aur agr aap ne kuwe ki depth to bhi dekhege to vo use sea tk pohchegi jis se dusre kuwe ka paani aaya...

    7. Now coming to the ���� ��side..
    As i have been sorted into "Slytherin" by pottermore...
    So you can understand if you are a potterhead..

    Slytherin pride in itself is enough...
    The house of the Greatest wizards... Ye- he ������

    I am very good at debating and known for winning .. Arey teachers bhi har jaate the ��✌️��. Bs ab unhe maaf kiya abhi avoid krte h ye sb..But still chances are there ..
    Any sort of extremism is highly intolerable ...
    And every vulgar incontemporary opinions that one has, please keep to theirselves..
    Yes ... I won't tolerate any extremist and arrogant decisive talk like women should do this.. this is this.. this is that....Bhaiya hero na bano .. vrna bhoot utar dege aapka ....

    8) I generally do forgive easily and most of the times say sorry for my words ... But if I felt like Jaane do ..
    Ise farak nhi padta.. to phir mujhe bhi farak nhi padta uske baad to �� forever wali bye Jo kisi ko samajh na aaye..

    9) Songs are Love ..They to uplift my mood to the best and I  wish to be a lyricist side by side my main career.
    My idol in writing (songs) is BOHEMIA sir and SIDHU MOOSE WALA ..Lyrics , and infact romantic genre is fav but you know how to write .. Go and listen to "sheh" and "tareyan de des" in romantic lyrics I mean to those
    If you haven't listen to them then go listen their works ...
    Favorite singers - Sidhu Moose Wala ���� and Nimrat Khaira ����

    A excerpt from bohemia Sir's rap

    Lang gaye yaar, mere yara nu kara mein wade,
    Maut naal kheda mein theek nai mere irade

    Kehna asaan aukha karke vakhana,
    Mainu yaar kehnde raah fatte chakk de jawana,
    Main piche di ni sochda hun sida agge jana,
    Aiven mera jamana menu rok ke dikhana.
    Mein diwana mere mooh na lagoo...
    Mein diwana mere mooh na lagoo...

    Song -Diwana

    Another one ( please bear me ��✌️)

    Ethe Cash Hai Te Aish, Saare Paise De Pujaari
    Paai-Paai Ve Jind Mein Batorde Guzari
    Mein Vi Duniya Ch Aya, Mein Na Duniya Banayi
    Raas Na Ayi Meinu Duniya Duhai

    Hun Botlan Sharaab Diyan Sadkan Te Dol
    Jind Aaye-Jaye Piche Rehn Yaadan Loki Bolan
    Rab, Sun Le Tu Sariyan Hun Aaftaan Utha Le
    Lagda Ni Dil Meinu Wapas Bula Le!

    Ve Lagda Ni Dil Meinu Wapas Bula Le!

    Song- Faqeer

    10 I care for a few people but when I care don't care what others say .✌️
    Love i have .. Hate if you see it is necessarily your reflection. Infact everyone in their core have only love ..
    Now if start talking on this here , then the size of the post will get doubled ��

    I wrote way too much about myself. But there's alot hidden 'bout me  in these words.

    See'ya bye bye ��✌✌

    Now i nominate
    @theunknownmystery_ @vedika_11 @binte_nadeem @zahsha @bariya_hamid
    @in_shaa @iam_rose @twinkling_girl

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  • a_aditya 18w