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  • a_b_e_n_a___ 1w


  • a_b_e_n_a___ 1w


    Beautiful as a Calla Lilly,
    She graces this earth with her innocence,
    Happy as a Gerbera Daisy,
    She never seizes to put smiles on the faces of her family,
    And just like her name,
    She faces every challenge headstrong.

    The first encounter may be forgotten,
    But the second and the rest became more than just memories,
    They became our history,
    Yet to be documented by us.

    Just like a flower,
    Grow up each day ready to bloom,
    Like your name,
    Wake up everyday ready for battle
    And like Sirius,
    Never seize to stand out to show your brilliance.

  • a_b_e_n_a___ 1w

    Untold Tales

    Bold strokes of a confident hand,
    The painting is a masterpiece,
    Executed as planned.

    The dark shades compete with the night sky,
    The plain sheet hides untold stories,
    As the piece describes the hidden memories.

    The different tones of the art,
    The modification of the imperfections,
    Carve out the aesthetics of the magnum opus.

    Neatly placed in a frame,
    Held an august sketch,
    And a tale yet to be told.

  • a_b_e_n_a___ 2w

    Rainy Night

    I like the town on the rainy nights,
    When the street lights glisten the wet floor,
    When the night seeks comfort from the clouds,
    And the rain clothes us with its drops.

    I like the town on the rainy nights,
    When strangers take shade under one umbrella,
    When little children dance under the disco light of the moon,
    And the town sleeps to the soothing lullaby of the raindrops.

  • a_b_e_n_a___ 2w

    He ripped out my heart without second thoughts but you stitched up my soul with your words of comfort.

  • a_b_e_n_a___ 3w

    Hold Me

    When she is falling too fast,
    Hold her down.
    When she is driving too fast,
    Hold the stop sign.
    And when she is giving up too quickly,
    Remind her of her strength.

  • a_b_e_n_a___ 3w

    You may not know where you are heading but you should have an image of how you want it to look in your head.

  • a_b_e_n_a___ 3w

    Lost and Found

    Everything just felt empty,
    The sun was not as bright,
    The moon was lonely,
    And the stars stopped smiling.

    Her brain was filled with guilt,
    Her heart full of pain,
    Her eyes were without light,
    And her posture lacked confidence.

    In the middle of nowhere,
    But at a particular location,
    She looked for evidence,
    The proof of her existence.

    However it was just a matter of time,
    Before she figured out the truth,
    That she was all she will be,
    And all she will ever wish for.


  • a_b_e_n_a___ 5w

    You are the voice inside my head that guides me through this hazy world called life.

  • a_b_e_n_a___ 6w

    Her Viking

    Sitting down in her blue dress,
    With a hazy mind,
    She tried to recognize her surroundings,
    But to no avail.

    With her tearful eyes,
    She thought back to yesterday,
    When she had a pillow talk in bed,
    And wished for once her prayers will be answered.

    Every wall looked like a reminder,
    Each day screamed of his pain,
    Each and every tick tock rhymed with his breathe,
    And his absence calls to her every night.

    However every daylight shows how hard he fought,
    Every colour portrayed his smiles,
    A look in the mirror reminds of his strength,
    And she smiles for she was glad he didn't go down without a fight.