It's alright to be human sometimes...

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  • a_lone_observer 35w


    I bumped into the poetess in me, she tied me with ropes of words with the wand of thoughts, but somehow, I feel liberated, after a long time...

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    It's alright to not know some answers sometimes,
    It's alright to be not able to comprehend the flow sometimes,
    It's alright to seek a comforting shoulder sometimes,
    It's alright to immerse in the sea of nostalgia and retrospection sometimes,
    It's alright to shed few drops of tears sometimes,
    It's alright to be human sometimes...


  • a_lone_observer 54w

    When my brain tires out of melancholy and my eyes
    Yearn for an unsung symphony,
    When my heart turns into a thirsty man
    in a dreary desert,
    And my pensivity erects ramparts around me,
    It is then that My soul seeks refuge in Poetry.

    A spark illuminates deep inside me,
    a series of thoughts, doodle a joyous world.
    A world, far away from reach,
    Whose key is possessed only by the poet inside me.

    I tried to take a peek of hers.
    So beautiful is she, so beautiful is her universe!
    How she shakes hand with the wind,
    Sleeps under a blanket of stars,
    Plays hide n seek with moon.

    Look, Envious I become,
    for she carves her own story-
    Where she is the protagonist,
    Where she tastes life in its true vibrance.

    I sit pondering in nostalgia, about those lost days.
    But Alas! My poet's smile just ends as a sigh.
    This sigh breathes in an emotion, a desire,
    Which I stifled inside me. Oh! it overpowers me.

    A narrow brooke of ink from my self-sketched meanders its way into reality and meets the ocean of expression here at Mirakee.

    Thank you very much Mirakee, for helping me understand myself better.
    With each passing day, I encounter a new facet of myself.


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    My heart finds refuge in my imagination,
    My imagination seeks refuge in my poety and
    My quill of poesy yearns for expression
    And my taciturnity resonates in my poetry.
    My poetry seeks refuge in this beautiful space of Mirakee.


  • a_lone_observer 68w

    Optimism survives the scared seedling through dark and damp.


  • a_lone_observer 70w

    I am reposting my post again because I feel in this tempest of moments, this should our true spirit...

    "Vasudeiva Kutumbakam"
    ~The world is a family
    From the Vedas- The soul of India

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    A colourful world is a colourless one.


  • a_lone_observer 81w

    As he steps down the twenty-two steps of moksha,
    Taking his heart-warming form,
    The soul of the cosmos
    Bows down to pay homage to
    The Lord of the Universe.

    Indra, the Lightning God, drizzles down with humility
    The Sun God satiates his blazing
    Varuna, reigning the ocean, washes his feet,
    As the Grand Sire steps down onto his
    Grand street.

    When the world becomes unconsciousness,
    Drowns in the eternal consciousness
    And Time slows down
    To witness the union of the Soul and the Supreme,
    Life lives her long-yearned vibrant dullness.

    The three chariots roll out,
    Every grain of sand dances in joy,
    Every spirit reminisces the tales of past glory,
    Every heart fills with love.

    Oh look at the beautiful face,
    How He smiles,
    Enjoys the company of His dear devotees,
    How He drenches Himself with the songs, dances, arts of devotion,
    How He becomes the Krishna of Gopi,
    How He bathes in the chants of 'Jai Jagannath'.

    Here I stand,
    Feeling the aura,
    Waiting for the bewitching large eyes to beguile me.
    ~ Pratiksha Saikrishna

    Jai Jagannath

    #odia #DivineRomance
    #writersnetwork #pod

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    There, arrives my Lord,
    To quench my thirst
    And to melt me down in his divine romance.


  • a_lone_observer 86w

    Flying in the gusts of soft wind,
    I will adorn myself with the
    richness of the seashells
    And calmness of the sky,
    Making a wish
    To the shooting star.

    Flowing along the wild brooke,
    I'll meander through mountains, grasslands
    Forests and distant lands,
    Appreciating the
    Dullness of fallen leaves
    And vibrance of dew,
    Darkness of the new moon
    And brilliance of the fireflies,
    Melody of the Mynah
    And monotony of the crickets.

    Being a tiny grain, before the vastitude of cosmos,
    I'll try to add a subtle stroke -
    A pinch of madness, a spice of laughter.

    ~Pratiksha Saikrishna

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    Gracious green 
    Vibrant violet
    Radiant red
    Yeasty yellow
    Beguiled blue
    Imperturbable indigo
    Optimistic orange
    Gusty grey
    Belligerent black.

    Being a tiny grain, before the vastitude of cosmos,
    I'll try to add a subtle stroke -
    A pinch of madness, a spice of laughter ©a_lone_observer

  • a_lone_observer 87w

    A bird locked deep in
    Tasted a renewed flavour
    As she went back...

    Back to the days when the grass was greener
    And the smell of soil was in the air,
    When the maidens with pots laughed their way,
    And with the symphony of wind, the banyan swayed,
    When the gold in the fields smiled with the pearls at dawn,
    The mynah sang a different melody to celebrate the poet's pun,
    Where the sunshine was filled with raw gaiety
    And the moonlit night narrated tales of eternity.

    The wrinkled eyes glistened at the memory of those lost days,
    While the little brain was thinking whether this was a mythical place,
    Which like in the stories was abounding with Happiness.

    "Grandma, It's a land so lovely!"
    "Yes, A land where lived no neighbours, but one family."

    #BeautifulVillages #HeartOfIndia

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    Grandma's tale

    "Grandma, It's a land so lovely!"
    "Yes, A land where lived no neighbours, but one family."


  • a_lone_observer 103w

    #realisation #infinity

    The world is a reflection of our belief and approach towards ourselves. We make impressions with every minute decision and it's we, who is the canvas and not the world.

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    I allowed the infinity of the universe
    To engulf me and it made me appreciate Every stroke of the cosmic canvas
    And I realised,
    Perhaps they were hues of mine
    And not the world's.

    Pratiksha Saikrishna

  • a_lone_observer 103w

    Poetry and Life-
    They have a unique bridge in between.
    Both have to be comprehended, to be interpreted.
    And that interpretation intrigues yet, contends.

  • a_lone_observer 123w

    The entire lexicon of language is impotent to contain a poet's emotion;

    But just a soft touch is......