loner. complete disappointment from 18 years ����.if you think my posts are good thank google

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  • a_nkit_ 18h

    Judge me in the basis of types of friend i have

    On 14th i.e. Valentine's day when everyone was drowned in love making love and doing love ..

    My friend booked a car and Oyo room.

    1st went to park where everyone was busy doing ( NVM you know what I mean ) studied there for 3 hours ..

    And went to a restaurant and ate food .

    And then went to Oyo and studied there in peace .

    Left for home ☹️

  • a_nkit_ 18h

    Your knowledge will be appreciated ��������

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    What is evolution ?

    1. I used to think people get married and babies come .

    2. They get married and they have to stare at each other .

    3. They have to get married and kiss each other and sleep

    4. I saw some random drama series and I came to know doing marriage is not necessary .

    5. One day I was watching some Bollywood movies and came to know sing a song with your partner and tadda .. here's your baby.

    6. Recently I have been listening to something called sleep on call or web cam

  • a_nkit_ 2d

    I am really single ...

    You don't believe me .. ask my mom ..

    I didn't go to any extra class this 14th

  • a_nkit_ 2d

    How others propose their girlfriend :

    baby ! Babbbbbyyyyyyyy . I love youuuuzzzz

    How will I propose my girlfriend :

    Hey ! Can you send me your dad's account details . I want my adhar and pan card to link in it

  • a_nkit_ 3d


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    Others : wo बुलाती है मगर जाने का नहीं।
    इधर जिंदगी है दोस्त इधर आने का नहीं

    Me : मुझे जाने का है पर वो बुलाती है नई
    उधर ही जिंदगी है मुझे उससे बाहर आना ही नहीं

  • a_nkit_ 3d

    On this Valentine's day ..

    If you see a hot and sexy girl flirting with you in your comment section .. trying to seduce you and praise you ..

    Believe me she is a YouTuber and wants you to subscribe her channel ..

    You will die single

  • a_nkit_ 3d

    I would like to be in depression

    Rather than being in love

  • a_nkit_ 4d

    autocorrect sucks ..

    Scene : my college computer lab ..

    Me ( what I wanted ) : messaged my teacher . Sir can we use your WiFi in our computer lab ? .

    What did it show

    Sir can we use your WIFE. In our computer lab

  • a_nkit_ 1w

    It sucks .. it really do ���� why do someone has to comment and deactivate their account ? Huh !

    It's not done ..

    It just increases our expectations like it's Valentine's week ..

    Maybe she must have proposed me . Or something like that .. ( I know boys never comment on my topic )

    But now I will have to die single and in suspense ..

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    sad and single

  • a_nkit_ 1w

    ‍♂️ lol I am not the possessive guy who will demand for your attention and love .
    it's other thing I really do crave for them but I am never gonna ask for that .

    I dunno why

    I can't even tell you I am angry from you or something .

    I just bury everything deep within me and wear a smile . That's it