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  • a_raindrop 9w

    Don't ask me who i am ..
    Because i don't even know the answer ..

    I'm maybe a girl
    who never looks
    at her feelings....

    Maybe a believer
    who always expects
    others dreams to become true....

    Maybe a spectator
    who watches
    how everyone's enjoying their life ....

    Maybe someone
    who's existence
    maybe never existed at all !!

    No one knows...
    Not even me........



    @outlaw_thee_rique@dove_wings @maitreyi02 @mrgrey @byintrovert @thoughtsprocess @robertwjeter @ner @odysseus @melodyphijam

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    Who Am I ?


  • a_raindrop 9w

    This Very Special One is truly dedicated to my Very Special Friend ! ����

    I just wanna say that,
    "I mean it !"

    "You are pretty much like a star who is living in this earth...with us !!!!��
    THANK YOU for being my Friend...��"

    (I'm not mentioning your name coz i don't wanna lose you..
    So yeah!
    I AM CRAZY!! )

    @outlaw_thee_rique @iam_miss_nobody @sharmilajuliet @unforgettably_forgettable @thoughtsprocess @maitreyi02 @melodyphijam @enchantress_1984 @mrgrey @yaish_

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    Thank You !

    Thanks for being the one
    who finds perfection in me flaws...
    Thanks for being the one
    who makes my everyday spacial ...
    Thanks for being the one
    whom i give priority most...
    Thanks for being the one
    who's words brings smile in my face...
    Thanks for being the one
    who means the most to me...
    Thanks for being the one
    whom i can proudly call 'My Real Friend' ...
    Thanks for being the one
    who you truly are...
    And Thanks
    for coming in my life !!!


  • a_raindrop 10w

    Hey mister
    Come to your sister
    It's bed time
    Just put down those dimes

    Ok, now let me tell you a story
    which is about the fish 'Dory'
    "No, Sister! Tell me that rhyme
    Which one is about Caroline! "
    Fine, fine
    Caroline is a girl who is nine
    Her nose is so tine
    She is as long as Pine
    And also as flexible as Bine
    She sees everything with cine
    She doesn't say anything but
    "I'm fine!"

    Oh ! Look at you stripling
    You're already sleeping!



    This one is specially for @shegram 's challenge ��
    I just wanna say that,
    I tried...
    I really tried! ��
    I don't have any younger siblings������
    and i really don't remember when my brother last sang me a lullaby! ��
    So.. It was really sweetly hard for me����
    But i enjoyed the most while writing this...������

    (If i had one, I'd really sing something rubbish like this������)


    @outlaw_thee_rique @dove_wings @love_whispererr @unforgettably_forgettable @enchantress_1984 @dhanupatil @shafaq__writes @sharmilajuliet @maitreyi02

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  • a_raindrop 10w

    I was wrong...��

    We really need someone
    It's impossible to live the gifted life all alone..
    Our life is a present from the Almighty..��
    We can't just waste it by being selfish and
    being afraid to lose our dear ones...��

    We all are gonna die one day...☺
    Maybe now, or tomorrow, or maybe some other day..
    And that day, no one's gonna come with us..
    We have to lose everyone! ☺
    So why shouldn't we give them chance?
    Maybe they'll not leave us alone....
    Who knows...☺


    And All the credits goes to my friend @outlaw_thee_rique ��
    His writing really helped me to realize how important it is to give other chance so that they can make you feel complete ...��
    I'm just soooo grateful to you dear ! ☺��


    (And sorry about the last post
    I was really freaked out on my best friend
    But to be honest,
    I love her more than myself)

    @moody_thoughts @ @renovate @melodyphijam @aivsairandhri @maitreyi02 @iam_miss_nobody @enchantress_1984 @yaish_ @zendria

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    I need you

    I need you
    to be with me
    I need you
    to be the light so that i can see ..
    I need you
    to wipe my tears
    I need you
    to be always near ..
    I need you
    to show me who i really am
    I need you
    to be my fam ..
    I need you
    to hold my hand
    I need you
    till the end ......

  • a_raindrop 10w

    I mean it ! ��
    I really mean it ! ��

    I just want to say that,
    "I don't want to have you
    Because I just can't lose you ! "

    It's way better to live alone than worrying about losing dear one ....

    I don't need fake friends
    who appears and within a moment disappears...
    I don't really need anyone....

    Why people can't understand the true meaning of friendship?!
    Is it that hard??
    Or they're just pretenders........


    @outlaw_thee_rique @renovate @udit94 @byintrovert @luckygayatri2 @shafaq__writes @allbymyself @yaish_ @ner @thoughtsprocess

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    Need Nobody

    Please, listen
    Don't come near
    That's exactly what i mean
    Can't you hear ..?
    People can easily
    Come and go
    But i can't do this
    I can't, No ..!
    You're coming and
    You'll go, i know
    But i don't wanna be left behind
    I don't wanna be lost in snow ...
    Please dear
    Why can't you hear
    'Cause when you're gonna leave me
    I won't able to bear !!

  • a_raindrop 10w

    Oh dear...
    Come near...
    Let me tell you a story..

    It's about
    Me and him
    And full of things which are not ordinary ..!

    See this guitar

    It's nothing but
    Our love story's avatar..

    If you touch
    The strings
    It'll tell you story..

    Some of sad
    Some of glory...

    And if you able to make the right tune and harmony
    It'll tell you nothing
    But our distinctive love story...



    @outlaw_thee_rique @iam_miss_nobody @jaynjoy @unforgettably_forgettable @shafaq__writes @odysseus @enchantress_1984 @mrgrey @love_whipererr @sharmilajuliet

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    Tune & Harmony


  • a_raindrop 11w


    Neither He ..
    Nor I ..
    But yes...!

    It was our own fates
    Who deceived us .....


  • a_raindrop 11w

    He said,
    " Ahhh!!It's gonna be awesome! What do you think? "
    I replied, " Bleh Bleh Bleh !"
    He said , " I know you're jealous! "
    I replied angrily, " No I'm not !! I'm just so damn happy because you're leaving and the whole house will be under my control.. Besides, I'm gonna get all the love of mom and dad ! Huh !!! "

    Then he left for the beach..

    I never knew that I was gonna miss him..
    But i did !!
    I missed him terribly!
    Those 7 days were more like 7 million years to me...
    I was trying to concentrate on my study because of my exam but it didn't help that much !

    After 7 days,
    he returned home yesterday....

    I acted like nothing really happened..
    So did he !!

    Then he came and sat beside me
    and said,
    "Look what i brought for you!"

    I looked in his hands and saw
    both hands were full of sea shells !!!!

    I was sooo happy that i can't put in words...

    We both were so excited!

    Then i started counting them and he was telling me the story about how he collected them.....

    But at that moment our mom appeared and started to say,
    " There you go !! Since when Tom and Jerry has became friends? Oh dear !!...
    That girl has made me crazy in these days asking about her brother and there wasn't a single phone call where the boy didn't ask questions about his sister !!!! Are you both happy now ????! "

    Hearing this,
    We busted in laughter and so did our mom !!!

    We know that we missed each other
    But we're never gonna say this..!

    And we also learned a lesson that,
    Love can be expressed by Sea shells and
    Love can also contained itself in sea shells ......




    I know it bored you guys and I'm sorry for that..��
    I felt like i should write about this...
    Hope you guys like it !��

    I never realized before that i love my brother that much..��
    But after his leaving i witnessed my love for him..��
    I'm writing this post because i can guarantee
    myself that he's not gonna read this !��
    Even if i show him (no! not gonna do that in my life) he'll totally ignore it !��
    So... No need to worry !��

    And he also bought a sea shell (customized) where's written
    "Hufflepuff" !


    He really knows my taste! ����


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    Story Stored in Sea Shell


  • a_raindrop 11w


    I just want you
    to come and leave a flower
    infront of my epitaph..
    Because i can not watch
    my soul regretting
    that it loved nothing but you .....


  • a_raindrop 11w

    There was just a dot of light
    Which was coming from the left sight
    She followed and found a door
    And then she knocked to know more ..

    But there was no sound
    So she looked all around ..
    No.. No one
    She was having a feeling to run !

    But an unknown curiosity grabbed her hand
    She looked into the keyhole by being bend ..
    There was nothing but lights
    Which was making her blind in that night ...

    She was not able to look there anymore..
    She said ,
    "If i stay any longer I'll be blind for sure!"

    She left without checking because that was hurting her eyes more and more ...
    And that thing remain Locked behind the door !




    This is a picture challenge given by @alkamarottickal
    After seeing this picture i wasn't able to control myself..����
    I thought about something spooky and horror to write ..����
    But end up writing something mysteriously spooky ........✌

    Hope you like it ! ��


    #ceesreposts @moody_thoughts @odysseus @the_strangers @umer__ @twinkling_girl @re_tard @robertwjeter @jaynjoy @kosachaya

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