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  • aaditi_ 10h

    ����������help me mannnnnnn����������

    #i_am_a_day_dreamer ��

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    Could you please care to come in my home and tell my nanny that I am not going to die if I don't eat something while drinking tea ...

    I mean seriously every time she asks me, “do you want something with tea?.” and I says, “No.” and she goes with, “ky g bai...”(kya hai ye in very bad tone) like I am gonna die without eating...
    N this frustrates me every timeeeeee...

  • aaditi_ 1d

    Am I annoying you guys?

    #i_am_a_day_dreamer ��

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    Hey there I know I am annoying you guys just by writing posts
    But I was trying to make you laugh by sharing some events of my life...

    N me writings bhi share kr rhi hu tholishi tholishi...


    Am I annoying you?
    If yes kyu comedy pasand ni hai

    If no ayyeeee ab me itni bhi khas nahi

    Isse jyada hu be to read krte rahiye meri life mere maze lena choregi to nahi na

  • aaditi_ 1d

    'cause I am tired...
    These aren't my feelings ...
    Just mnme aya to likh diya... dil pe ni leneka

    #i_am_a_day_dreamer ��

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    Vo khwabon ki bat kr rhe the,
    Hum sona hi bhul gye...
    Khule ankh khwab dekhne lge the,
    Dard me rona hi bhul gye...
    Anjam shayad iska bura hoga,
    Pr vo to aage dikh hi jayega...
    Andheri duniya me pta nahi kbtk rhenge,
    Kya kabhi ummedon ka parinda yha ayega?

  • aaditi_ 1d

    Yeah I end up doing this...
    I can't write more notes... Sorry to notes takers I can't give you more notes ...
    Yeah I am not going to give my psychology's book to anyone 'cause this is worse babe I k ��
    I have done enough writing notes this is 3rd lesson n it's way tooo long man... Mtlb bhai khatam ho ja ��

    #i_am_a_day_dreamer ��

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    I am not even feeling sorry for this...

  • aaditi_ 1d

    Tell me...


    #i_am_a_day_dreamer ��

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    Today I wake up early (seriously this is Sunday )

    I got to know that this is the worse day of my life

    Then I ate my breakfast (obviously brush n bath ke bad)

    Then I played with my phone

    Then I roam in my home for no reason

    Then I slept on the couch again for no reason

    Then I started study there is a reason (mera likhna baki reh gya hai bhot)

    Then I am writing this for no reason

    And you are reading this for no reason...

    Is your life is also boring as mine for no reason?

  • aaditi_ 1d

    Meri duvidha ����

    If your question is how I have that reporter's whatsapp no. Or he have my whatsapp no. Then guys I have so many reporters no. In my phone 'cause my dad was owning a t.v. channel n I am using his no.and I know some of them very nicely...

    I am going to say no maybe... ��
    #i_am_a_day_dreamer ��

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    Okay my morning was worse...

    One reporter sent me a brochure of gudipadwa archive and said that, “take a part aaditi.” I said, “okay.” but now I looked at that brochure to obviously contact the one who is taking whole responsibility of making this archive n I got to know that person is one of my relatives who doesn't have any idea of my whatsapp no. if he got to know it's me then I am going to be in the trouble I don't like to have so many relatives in my phone obviously they torture me N that's why I don't want to give it to him...

    He is great for that post man I know he can write very well, draw great he is perfect in every thing but this is not suppose to happen man...
    What should I tell that reporter now he just want me to publish something somewhere n this is the 3rd time he sent me something like this...

  • aaditi_ 2d

    Everyone wants bf/gf

    Everyone wants to go to delhi

    Everyone wants their childhood back

    Everyone wants to go to Goa with their friends...

    But I want

    So many clothes man meko mera collection hi pasand ni aa rha clothes ka n mumma is saying she isn't going to buy new clothes for me...

    Koi apna credit card n uska password btado na pakka takka jyada kharch ni krungi...

  • aaditi_ 3d

    Safar mera aaj shuru hua,
    To shayad kl khatam ho jayega...
    Pr wada hai mujhse mera,
    Ki ye bichka samay mujhme bhotse “main” chor jayega...

  • aaditi_ 3d

    Do not you dare to come to my house..

    And give those foolish tane... I'll complaint against you that you harrassed me mentally ��

    P.s. -Kuch hi relatives hai mere ese

    #i_am_a_day_dreamer ��
    Relatable hai??

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    To my dear relatives,
    I am writing this for you...
    Don't ask me why? You know the reason very well... Okay I have respect towards you and I don't want you to die by thinking about the reason (itni asan maut htt)
    So you come to my home without asking me, you want me to pay attention to your words...
    Example:- humare bal esehi safed nahi hue...
    Then you want me to leave my assignment, phone, time , even you don't like it when I wear headphones in front of you...
    I do that okay I do everything you want but then you leave me without giving me money 'cause you think now I am not a child now...

    Kim jon-un se bhi jyada nakhre hai apke... Vapis aa mera waqt vapis deke ja... Inko chai chahiye , biscuits chahiye vo ni hote to meko leke ana pdta hai. 10 bar nah bolenge hume 11 vi bar tk manana padega fir ye muh pe nakhre krne wale log lenge biscuits mnme hai to le lene ka mere se sikhlo na pr ni aur fir bhi kyoki inhone aakar merepe upkar kiya meko apna me time chodke inko entertain Krna padega...

  • aaditi_ 3d

    Ye log isi wajah se block kiye hai mene...
    Vrna block list khali hi hoti meri vha bhi smjhe��

    Aye bade ...

    #i_am_a_day_dreamer ��

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