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  • aadiusufa2 1w

    Be careful during conversations
    People usually die of words

  • aadiusufa2 1w

    In love whenever we are angry , we do unusal things after hurting the other person we realize and cry loudly .....��

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    Urdu shayri

    Mere pass se jo guzra mera hall tak ne poncha
    Ma kaise mann jawo woh door ja k roye (PS)


    Tere pass se jo guzree tu junoon ma thy faraz
    Jab door ja kay sonchaa tu zarr zarr royeee (,F)

  • aadiusufa2 2w


    I've problem with this era of modernization

  • aadiusufa2 9w

    Everyone is busy somewhere, but instead of wasting time in non sense things do the task which leads to all misunderstandings that might have take u 5 seconds to complete, No, issues, it's all matter of value how we treat our partner ,��

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    Mana ki aaj tumhe mere koi zarorat nhi ispal
    Ma chod k b jawo tumhe koi fark nhi hoga...
    Waqt aane pr tumhe her cheez ka ehsaas hoga
    Magar tab tumhe chup karana mera kamm nhi hoga , ma chala gaya tu tumhe mere kami mehsoos hogy her pal , mgr woh kamii koi poraa kare aisa hoga nhi , kui ki jo hum hai woh baki sab nhi

  • aadiusufa2 10w

    International Men's day

    And a man provides anything ,and he does it even when he's not appreciated, or respected, or ever loved, he simply bears up and does it .......
    Because he's a MAN

  • aadiusufa2 13w

    I'm loyal I'll not cheat you for someone else , but one day I'll throw you out for my own peace , sanity and dignity, that will be the reward for your doings

  • aadiusufa2 14w

    From the archives 13/06/2019 -02-37am

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    Waqt ne tuj pr diye her ilzam ka suboot diya
    Hum tu nadaan hai jo aaj b tuj pe marte hai

  • aadiusufa2 14w

    Do communicate

    Communication in relation is
    just like nephrons in kidney
    If it's not right, nothing is ...

  • aadiusufa2 15w

    "Forever " She said

  • aadiusufa2 17w

    From ''Na jaane kon se dua qabool"
    Hue mere jo tum ko payaaa

    To ''Not replying " messages and
    Calls, Love teaches everyone .