A dreamer and a romantic made of stardust and sunshine who believes, words can read through your lips and reach out to your soul .

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  • aaiyraj 1w

    Bad Dream?

    'Think of it As a bad Dream
    And forget it'.
    Excuse me? Hell no!
    It was a beautiful dream
    It was a pleasant journey
    Sure, there was a lot of mess.
    So, what?
    Just because it had to end
    Doesn't mean you'll negate
    All those priceless memories
    And invalidate
    All the beautiful experiences

  • aaiyraj 1w

    What Is Love?

    Love is the acceptance
    Of what was
    Love is the acknowledgement
    of What is
    Love is the willingness
    To be open
    To what will be

  • aaiyraj 2w


    We hate to admit that
    We were wrong.
    Sometimes, we're so Blinded
    by our love For someone,
    That we fail to Recognize
    If they ever truly loved us
    Or whether we can make
    Their Life any better;
    And if we can't,
    We should step aside.
    They deserve to be
    With someone they love;
    Even if it's not us

  • aaiyraj 3w

    More To Life

    There's always
    More to Life;
    And you always,
    Always have a choice

  • aaiyraj 3w

    Wo Ishq Nahi

    Halaaton ke saath Jo Badal jaaye
    Wo ishq nahi
    Unke Roobaroo Hote hue bhi
    Agar Jhoot ka Saaya lena pada
    Wo ishq nahi
    Mausam ke saath agar Jazbaa badal jaaye
    Wo ishq nahi
    Aakhri Saas Tak agar Mohabbat
    Ka Nateeja sehna Inkaar karde
    Wo ishq tha hi nahi

  • aaiyraj 3w

    Far From Home

    Is it A place, a person
    A feeling or belongingness?
    What is home?
    Leaving everything
    you know Or
    Chasing everything
    you don't?

  • aaiyraj 3w

    Let It Flow

    Life can only be
    Understood in Retrospect;
    There's a divine flow
    To your existence !
    Learn to respect
    The lessons of time

  • aaiyraj 4w

    Better Than Guilt

    I might not know
    What's the right way
    To be,
    But I surely know
    What's the wrong way
    To be.
    Anything that goes against
    Your ethics is a clear no;
    Disappointment is
    Better than guilt

  • aaiyraj 4w

    A hundred ways

    I'd rather feel
    5 days of Love
    and 95 days of pain
    Over feeling numb
    For A hundred days!
    If this love
    Is your destiny,
    Miracles will find you
    A hundred ways!

  • aaiyraj 6w


    Holding on or Letting go?
    We constantly need to be
    Reminded of what
    The essence of Life is;
    Seeking the experience
    Of Life itself!
    Coming back to the question,
    Let it be.