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  • aamaie 12w


    Sometimes I miss myself
    I miss me who never say what she had inside
    Who never did anything that she wants
    Who lost herself and never gonna find again

  • aamaie 18w


    One day a daughter asked her mum, " mother , isn't it boring to be there and always helping your family?"
    Mum replied, " Yes it is but the day they just said that it's good food and hug me it makes me happy. And it's no more boring. But gives me happiness.
    Daughter," is that enough for you? "
    Mum gives a precise reply, " Yes dear, because I deserve only this much because I am always available for them and try to please them instead of making them waiting on the dinner table."
    Daughter said, "Then what it means mum?

  • aamaie 21w


    Kitna fark Hai pyar aur zarorat mei
    Wo hr unki zarorat ko pyar aur hamare pyr ko zarorat btate hai

  • aamaie 22w

    Unanswered calls

    Some unanswered calls become the curse for whole life.... If those were answered may save them

  • aamaie 22w

    Feelings 2

    Some feelings need tears to express rather than words as those are so heavy

  • aamaie 23w


    Empty stomach is better than filled heart and lost feelings

  • aamaie 40w

    A bin

    I am a bin for them
    They put there emotional rubbish in me but the difference is no one come to clean me,

  • aamaie 41w

    Self respect

    My body alive with no respect
    But my soul is die from so long
    I don't wanna hear what I can't do
    I wanna know what can u make me do
    And I wanna know your way
    How you make me play
    I don't know how to smile
    But I exactly know how to cry
    I don't know how to care for myself
    But I exactly know how to hit myself

  • aamaie 41w


    Kuch is tarah se wo Hume biyan krte Hai ki wo ik aisi pawan Hai Jo na fasal dekhti Hai na halat smjhti hai

  • aamaie 42w


    Fear in my body fear in life
    It tear my body with the knife
    I too wanna love me
    I too wanna hug me
    But I can't
    I wanna see my mistakes to raise me
    I want you to feel sorry to me
    I want you to praise me for my goods
    I want you to say that's fine with the smile
    But you can't I know
    That's why
    Fear in my body fear in life
    It tear my body with the knife