harmony in dark ❤

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  • aarnasoni 2d

    You know ?

    Knowing someone & knowing someone's schedule is different.

  • aarnasoni 3d


    People come for a short time,
    I ain't a person who'll be a chapter of your life
    But we'll together make a story

  • aarnasoni 4d


    I would love to be your shadow
    Because it's with you 24x7,
    Because it's not different from you,
    Because it's something forever

  • aarnasoni 5d

    It's love

    Being ready to die for someone isn't love,
    But becoming someone's life and making them your life is love

  • aarnasoni 5d


    You should know where to draw your lines,
    Know the difference between genuine people and the people who pretend.

  • aarnasoni 1w


    Just like two debit effects are not possible,
    Listen to your heart (credit)
    It's on the left side but always right.

  • aarnasoni 1w

    I love you

    Something best happened to me,
    I got you as my bestfriend
    A relation without end
    Trust that won't bend
    You are not just a friend
    But my emotion to be penned.

  • aarnasoni 1w


    Dear love,
    I wish to stay with you forever
    And leave you never,
    I have some dreams to be fulfilled
    But without you it is stilled,
    I promise you to stay always
    Because with you beautiful are my days,
    No matter how situations are
    We'll be together those days are not far,
    I won't tell you i love you everyday
    Because i will surely prove it someday.

  • aarnasoni 1w


    A person who judge's
    Is the one who is judged,

  • aarnasoni 1w

    If you say you are the best
    Deep inside you know no one is as worst as you.