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  • aarthisampath_ 1d

    Confession of the souls unknown
    (The book of experiences)

    Write your own experiences
    or if your loved one's that u have witnessed. Any experience you want to write. Like how you faced issues and came out blooming as a flower
    Write about any experience you witnessed
    Love, success, failure, journey,tragic
    Heartbreak,happiness anything

    Tell your own true story
    We want to hear

    Points to note
    *No line limit/ word limit
    *you have to pay150 per write-up
    *Prose type
    * Payment mode will be said after submission and selection of your write up
    *Free Ebook copy

    *No Pre-order Compulsion

    *You have to buy paperback
    Once it's released

    Ping For More Details
    to insta id aarthisampath_

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