We can't stop the happenings. But we can control ourselves.

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  • aartinepal 12h

    Hey Soulmate,

    This is how it started right, no I wont need rhyming today, just some beautiful thoughts about you.
    There are hundreds of names people will call their loved ones,but I gave her a name ❤

    Her name itself signifies that when we were fighting with so much of problems the level of support she gave me holding my hand was out of the world.
    I just want to confess you true feelings of my heart since the day we met,

    From the time we have been togather it has those feelings that are going to be irreplaceable for life, including the meaning of your smile in my life.
    You're someone,
    I can blindly trust upon
    I can blindly believe on,
    I can rely on you like any point of the day,

    Slowly when i started knowing you ,I found out that one has to play a role of water when the other was on fire.
    Yes we had problems, insecurity, jealousy but with this we had a huge unbreakable bond that was strong enough to fight all this out.

    Let me just convey you that,
    The most important thing in my dream partner which I always prayed god to give was living it up with my hobbies and you truly made me believe in each of bit I do,

    Baby want to tell you,
    I am nothing without us being together.

    Just last 2 lines for you,
    Like this world has a million People,
    Like there are hundreds of leaves on a tree,
    But finding you forever,
    Makes me feel like an angel was sent to me..

    " I love you "

    Your Constant,
    Caretaker of your smile♥

    Whom i want to say,
    People think of years,
    I think of my whole life with you, ♥

  • aartinepal 2w

    Lets walk

    Lets walk
    Towards the path of never end.
    Lets walk
    Towards the love never fade
    Lets walk
    Towards the jam of this chain
    Lets walk
    Towards this pouring rain

    Lets walk & lets walk

    Lets walk
    Towards the end of this game
    Let's walk

  • aartinepal 2w

    The day it all started

    1) The day when I first saw you, it was an accidental meet where I lost a part of me in you.

    2)The day when I first saw your pictures , for the first time my eyes got addicted to something so serene and peaceful.

    3)The day when our eyes met for the first time, my heart skipped a beat and I got lost into a world from which I never wanted to come out.

    4)The day I proposed you, I played the biggest gamble of my life, in which I could have lost or found my everything.

    5)The day you said yes to me, I felt like all my prayers were answered and prayed for the new beginning of our life.

    6)The day when we hugged for the first time, I felt like all the empty voids of me got filled and all my scars got healed at once.

    7)The day when we had our first fight, I cursed myself for infinite times and feared that I might loose you.

    8)The day we broke up me, I felt like a part of me died in that very moment, my heart was shattered into pieces and tears took over my smile forever.

  • aartinepal 5w

    2 years ago , I was dealing with depression, unhappy in every occasion, didn't know where my life is taking me then he texted me and said 'hi'.
    I thought he was just like another guy I ignored him multiple Times but he keep on texting me and I keep ignoring him,then I thought I should text him and said 'hi' and we started chatting it went nice but after that, I never messaged him for 3 months .
    Again he texted me in frustration 'good morning' and i replied him and said 'good morning' too. He asked me why i haven't replied him and i said that i was busy (i was not busy i didn't want to talk to him), days were going and we started conversing more and more soon i got to know we were in the same college .
    Things went good and we became friends I gave him my number and he called me in the evening i felt a connection between two of us but i ignored it, after that we started talking on phone calls and after 3 months, he told me about his feelings to me but i never felt for him.
    We had a bad fight and i told him he is only a good friend to me ,and i got angry and said we will not talk to each other again, and he said ohk but can we have a last call i told him fine and then we talked for 6 hours and he told me about his emotions and attachment towards me And that last call wasn't last.
    I realised his emotions and his love towards me and i got attached to him, he made me realised what is love ,and i was priority for him.
    Presently its been 2 years since we are together and i want to say that , Life has changed since I met him he made me complete,he made me caring and ,moreover he made me realised that seeing your loved one happy makes you happy .
    Presently its been 2 years of relationship and i want to say that , life has changed since I met him.
    We may fights and misunderstandings happens sometimes but, i know he loves me and he is there to stand by me .
    And after him i knew what is power of love and he is a blessing to me.

  • aartinepal 5w


    So commonly found nowadays,
    is the trait of obsession.
    Some or the other craze,
    is each one’s possession!

    Some go crazy for sports;
    Some for cars,
    Some for money,
    Some for bars,
    Some for gymming,
    Some for dancing,
    Some for cleaning,
    Some for eating,

    Some go crazy for love while,
    Some get obsessed with power!

    For me Writing was just a hobby,
    That later turned into a passion;
    The compulsion of my heart,
    is now turning into an obsession!

    Writing takes me high and low;
    Always saves me from depression.
    Sometimes it makes me anxious though,
    What if I can’t write tomorrow?

    I try to convert my aggression,
    To some constructive revolution,
    Leading all to do some introspection,
    Through wisely channelising my obsession!

    It’s a writer’s humble suggestion;
    There are in life some obsessions;
    that may mar your reputation,
    But writing helps to relieve all tensions!

  • aartinepal 5w


    At times I get the idea I don`t truly belong
    No matter how many times I talk myself to it
    I just don`t belong
    Maybe I am broken
    Too fragile to keep it together
    Alternatively, my heart takes the best of me
    However, where do we and not belong
    I haven`t figure it out yet
    Because nothing adds up
    If at all, I will be the same

    Broken, fragile
    Competing and expecting
    To win

    Maybe I belong in my fantasies
    The idea of being the master of my fate
    For what it’s worth is quite a fancy
    Don`t you agree?
    Even so it`s not easy, when they
    Shift with every coming event
    Maybe my dreams will do
    Except I am afraid of dreams
    I`m afraid of dreaming the wrong dream
    Having no odds to what it`s likely to be
    Puzzles the puzzle of puzzling the puzzle

    Broken, fragile
    Competing and expecting
    To win

    Even a coward is courageous enough to be
    By I don`t know about me
    If this is how stupid and foolish I am
    Or even if this life is another nightmare I wake
    Except you only, live once
    If lucky karma has your back
    How I wish
    I wish

    Broken, fragile
    Competing and expecting
    To win

  • aartinepal 5w

    Broken heart of a poet dissolves you into a writing material.

  • aartinepal 6w

    I am caught in the deep sea of ​​this body trade
    I am entangled in some compulsions not by my hobbies
    Something is mine that understands me
    I am an untold puzzle for strangers
    I have a smile on my face
    But there are many injuries at heart
    I want to get out from the depths of this sea
    But I am going through some of my circumstances....

  • aartinepal 6w

    What is truth?
    Truth may be a truth for someone
    But that "truth" may be a lie for some others...
    For someone it is a sweet candy
    But for someone it is a bitter fruit..
    The truth we believe today can be a big mistake for tomorrow..
    Is there something that we say truth?
    Its all the matter of trust and belief
    Like we see an angel in a demon
    Is how we see truth in lies..
    If it is pain that we get from the sting of the truth which breaks our trust forever..
    Can we call it a "truth"?
    Then what is a lie??
    Like the people between the demon and the sea..
    Is the people between the truth and the lie..
    Its all behind the smog of illusions..
    Its all behind a blackhole..
    Like a secret..
    Like a mystery..
    Is the truth...

  • aartinepal 7w

    Last time I was in love
    When I didn't realize
    that her smile was a tool
    that controlled me, and
    snatched my freedom,
    And her eyes were a trap
    that trapped me, and
    very difficult to get out of it.

    But break up happened.
    Now I am free.