��First step into new begining ! A Heaviest Thinker To Lighter Person��

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  • aartisharma__ 8h


    टपक टपक आँसू आते तो मेरे हैं
    पर नमकीन पानी की नदी बहा तुम दिए देते हो,
    कैसा रिश्ता है हमारा
    जिसमें लड़ाई खूब करते हैं
    पर कभी प्यार को जताया नहीं करते हैं हम

    गुस्से से लिपटे तो बहुत हो तुम,
    तुम्हारी छोटी ख्वाहिश को भी अगर ठोकर मार दु
    तो भी गरमाया नहीं करते हो तुम
    लगता है बड़े समझदार हो गए हो तुम

    मेरी हर ख्वाहिश को अपनी जिम्मेदारी मान लेते हो तुम,
    हर पल खुश रखने का मुझे ठेका ले लियो हो तुम
    तुम्हारी यह नम्रता अपने लिए देखकर
    खुद को खुश नसीब मानते हैं हम

    दुआ करते हैं
    यह खून का रिश्ता पाक साफ़ रखेंगे हम,
    हाथ भी नहीं छोड़ेंगे
    और साथ भी नहीं छोड़ेंगे हम।

  • aartisharma__ 1w

    Under the Blue sky is most safest place instead of dark sky.

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    She: Where are You at?
    He: Under the blue sky.

    She exclaimed: Ah, It means you are safe then.

  • aartisharma__ 1w


    Just like In Editing apps,
    you must have seen many filters and stick on one among them,

    Similarly, you too have different filter's in your personality,
    It depends on people which filter they choose,
    Filter might be black white
    It may be HDR,
    It may be something else,
    You too have dark, positive, negative side,
    You too have cheerful, bright side,
    You too have many sides,

    Some people choose you as best one,
    Some choose you as evil one,
    some choose as bellicose one,
    and so on..

    But please

    Neither give a dam,
    nor try to give explanation to them,
    There'll barely be the one who will choose you in natural one.

  • aartisharma__ 1w

    Hold on, paths are unfolding for you,
    WATER is cleaning filthy path for you,
    EARTH unearthing the clandestine tunnel for you,
    AIR is figuring the distance for you,
    FIRE burning the demon inside you,
    the SPACE above is watching the every work for you.

    Past cleansed my every nerve,
    Present is making me good one,
    Finger crossed
    And Future..

  • aartisharma__ 2w

    You're no longer my Moon,
    I realised Moon belongs to everyone,
    You're my Cold Stone From now,
    which meant to be only mine,
    keep me cool all the time

  • aartisharma__ 2w

    Pen, mirror,chair, orange, umbrella, scissor

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    Unvoiced Words

    Today again
    Amid day
    Firebug saw me,sat on the flower,
    sucking juice
    like a scissor cutting salwar,

    I looked at firebug, sat on orange chair,
    kept umbrella by side to keep myself safe,
    From his scissor hairs,

    I stepped out to garden,
    he was still there,

    I asked the reason ,
    behind his fire,
    he asked the reason of fire inside me,

    I looked at him,
    with red eyes,
    with ferocious Ire,
    he blew up,
    sat on the mirror,
    and nodded me,
    to complete his fierce desire.

  • aartisharma__ 2w

    Feel Within

    His Absence made her realised
    In every passing day
    the Incantation of his love
    The sound of not having him
    Around her
    Gave goosflesh on the tight skin
    She sat on the boulder near the river
    Retracing his words
    "The power of silence only few can find harmony in the silence"
    His love confession was clandestine and silent either
    But She deciphered through his action
    Only his absence made her realised
    the magnitude of silence
    Also Found harmony into it
    To answer his silent confession
    She plunged into silent river to feel him within.

  • aartisharma__ 2w

    Me and you

  • aartisharma__ 3w


    After the uproar of till August,
    then comes most exciting month
    known as to give birth to several flowers which hold major significance,
    to catch the significance of those flowers,
    a butterfly took birth,
    grew up by clutch the passion within,
    waited for flowers to bloom up,
    had orange ,white , purple,
    and had small black dotted appearance,
    orange, combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow,
    signing creativity inside,
    purple, seize colour of power and sacred knowledge and attribute to poetic writing,
    whereas white and black, hold the qantum of positive and negative dimension,
    butterfly has grown up Completely,
    her journey was same as journey of flowering plant till its bloom,
    now on the unplanned process of life,
    learning to smell the blooming flowers,
    in the air to observe the passenger,
    gaining wisdom to fly ,
    to make up herself by catching significance of the flower,
    she is on the verge to touch the Bloomed flower,
    will find destination soon,
    her poise will take her over the moon,
    her stars will change soon,
    waiting for the right moment
    when wind itself will give way to her destiny,
    and enlighten her lamp anon.

    P.s- I wish to flower that
    dont make butterfly so soft as you are,
    dont make her like petals, which fall off when storm comes so fast,
    make her as firm as your roots are,
    give strong sense of fragrance to read the other's demeanor neatly,
    allow her to make safe nest onto you ,
    where she can survive so far.

  • aartisharma__ 3w

    Unravel Heart

    The more times i fight with you,
    the more times i come close to you,

    You think you are the rose of person in the world,
    Yes, you are the rose of,
    Even more than that
    You are wonderful than those the stars above,

    over passing these years,
    you have preserved your that calmness,
    calmness that we seek outside,
    that comes naturally from seeing the person in front of whom you love innocently with purity of inside,

    Baby, If
    I am the tide of your heart,then,
    You are my shore,
    that meet someplace,
    and never fallen apart,

    I had never tasted the word LOVE,
    You've given me a diagram of two face of same heart,
    You Steer me
    you led way to me
    You gave me the lunch box full of love,
    and asked me to taste
    with eyes closed,
    with sheer NERVE,

    You hold me when I'm in rage,
    You become the armor of my fury cage,
    Your tight embrace restrict my body pace,
    calm me down like a mother console her baby on her lap by holding calmness phase,

    I wanna hold you aloud
    as if clouds hold water loud,
    I'm immensely in love with you
    as if a fish immensely in love with water,
    I am incomplete without you
    as if a tree incomplete without leaves and branches,

    I'm waiting for that one day
    When I will be your bride,
    you will be my bride-groom,
    and will set an example like the word pURITy and WISE.