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  • aarya__writes 8w

    Dedicated to my best friend who is chelsea fan..����.....from a kopite..

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    Born in Romford
    Bred in chelsea
    Scored bangers like they were nothing
    Our gaffer and greatest player-
    of English Midfield..

    HBD Super Frankie Lampard.


  • aarya__writes 9w

    "If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine"
    ❤️❤️ ❤️❤️

  • aarya__writes 11w


    Greatest Red of them all.

    Steven Gerrard is his
    name - a superstar
    so true.

    Is and
    Will be
    Our idol...

    Happy_birthday Steven George GerraRED
    You'll Never Walk Alone.

  • aarya__writes 13w

    Love u 3000

    World was full of strangers.
    Life was dark and dull-
    in that chaotic whirl of fickle luck.
    And me turned a programmed clone.

    To be in a crowded room-
    With an empty feeling deep inside.
    No one to share a word or
    No shoulder to lean on.

    Then there is this lantern in my darkness.
    Turning my world downside up
    And putting me back in place
    Yeah! Everything has been better since u.

    From simple conversation to
    an unbreakable bond-
    two souls shining bright than ever.
    You are my bestie in everyvibe.

    Every friendship is special
    Each is unique
    And so is ours
    We know...


  • aarya__writes 13w

    Move on..

    This world is crazy..
    Busy and rushed as ever.
    Pain and pathos.
    Chaos and changes.
    Full of empty people.
    And u may feel confused.
    U may gather questions that-
    have no easy answers
    But u must move on
    Never lose ur wonder
    and the fire that burns deep inside.
    Follow ur soul coz it knows the way
    Love all those tribes-
    who set ur stars aligned
    And to feel all those -
    vibes which gives u bliss
    Just move on.....

  • aarya__writes 80w

    Those mighty 90 minutes....
    Seen through billions of eyes..
    Millions of emotions and
    Fast beating hearts
    Where skin color disappears
    Those crunchy tie breakers..
    Where passing is a poetry
    That tells magic exists
    Here legends are born..
    Those mighty 90 minutes