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  • aastha11 14w

    Unexpressable love

    When I see in ur eyes..mine gets lost..
    The moment i feel body gets frost..
    The way u touch so soulful..
    With u every phase of life is so delightful..

    The efforts u take..the trials u try..
    Every stupid joke u crack whenever i cry..
    The way u love..the way u care..
    My hundreds of mood swings..the way u bear..

    All of these r so precious..thn any other gem..
    Never wanna loose u..not evn in heaven ❤ ©aastha11

  • aastha11 23w

    I may not have adorable eyes u wanna see into,,
    I may not have cosy lips u wanna kiss to,,
    I may not have beautiful face u want to stare all the time,,
    But, i have a heart that will beat for u.. all through my life...

    I may not have a perfect body u want to touch..
    N may not beautiful voice that u wanna hear..
    I may not dance the way u wanna see ur girl do..
    Or I may be just the another girl standing in the queue..

    But for me , there is only u nd i will care for u like no one can do... Coz i really really love u..❤

  • aastha11 44w

    When words are not available,, let ur eyes be the way through ur heart...

  • aastha11 47w

    We fall in love,,

    We stay in love,,


  • aastha11 48w

    BURIED Feelings ~

    Everytime we have a fight..
    To solve it I put my self respect aside..
    Coz I don't want us to dive apart..
    Nd loose this friendship which has a special spark..

    But, Sometimes,, I want u to care..
    Realise ur mistake, and to re-pair..
    Without talking to u, I am left irritated..
    Nd start doing things which are very under-rated..

    The everytime we meet..
    The everytime we talk..
    Our faces lit up with beautiful smiles..
    Nd feel together even if the distance is in miles..

  • aastha11 50w

    The day has arrived.,,
    For which we have been waiting..
    Two hearts getting one...
    So mesmerizing ,,this moment has to be done...

    Now....We don't have to wait so long..
    Getting closer nd strengthening our bond..
    I feel as free as a bird in the sky..
    But the cage of ur love captures me high..

    Feelings are like never before nd so new..
    Every single moment I need u...

  • aastha11 51w


    I have been glad ,,to have friends like u all..
    Who would certainly catch me at my every fall..
    U all are those gems which are very few..
    With u all I feel my every dream coming true..

    We all may belong to different streams..
    We all may follow different dreams..
    Bt we have an unbreakable promise of being lifetime friends..
    Bcoz we believe in consistency,, nd not in trends..

    At every phase of life, when I felt to be neglected..
    U all were the only one who truly supported..
    U all hv played so well,,,the every character in my life..
    Sometimes..scolded like dad,, loved like mum ,, behaved like kids, nd evn cared like wife..

    When at times I was unable to express,,
    U all were my words to be address..
    Sometimes life has been like furious high tide..
    Bt I was grateful to find u all by my side..

    Every time my eyes would shed some tears..
    U all cracked stupid jokes,,nd forced me to hear..
    U all hv been the reason behind my every laugh..
    And always lived me up like my better half..

  • aastha11 51w

    ONLY YOU..

    In this busy schedule full of works,,
    I be free for u..
    In this world full of fakeness,,
    I feel real with u..
    In this mind full of thoughts,,
    I get distracted towards u..
    In all these difficult problems,,
    I find the solutions in u..

    In these dark nights,,
    I shine like stars bcoz of u..
    In these eyes full of tears,,
    I find my smile in u..
    In these surroundings of doubts,,
    I find the most certainity in u..
    In this furious storm of life,,
    I find my life jacket in u..

    In my sleepless nights,,
    I find my dreams with you..
    In this period of over-fashion,,
    I find my simplicity in u..
    In this time of loneliness,,
    I find my togetherness with u..
    In this war of life,,
    I find myself to be alive with u..

    I feel all these bcoz..
    I am myself when I am with u..


  • aastha11 52w


    Waited so badly..for ur single msg..
    Spent hundreds of sleepless nights..
    Bcoz this tym I needed u badly..
    So tht I can hold u tight..

    I dont knw wht happened..
    Nd the unknown reason behind ur ignorance..
    It feels like a lot lost..
    Wid our frndship tht had a special fragrance..

    Bt it is all fine..
    I wont force u to be mine..
    Instead I wish you all the very luck..
    Nd the courage to outshine...

  • aastha11 53w

    YOU and ME

    A wink of an eye,,
    Changed the life of my....

    What I feel is just u,,
    And the connection is all through....

    I want to spend on u my life whole,,
    With all my mind heart and soul....

    Let's walk hand in hand,,
    Nd the journey will never end....