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  • aayeshasarkare 5w

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    Tipsy eyes
    speak many lies,
    grudges behold,
    like a heart drenching in cold ,
    Nostalgia trespasses my mind
    though the moment of truth haunts me
    twice in the nightime,
    faking emotions is everyone's will
    I am all alone here standing still
    My soul knows
    how much I cried,
    I gave upon my misries but ,
    aleast I tried !

    © aayeshasarkare.

  • aayeshasarkare 5w

    dangling in the cold wind,
    I lost my self-esteem,
    compassion for things
    started to distrupt,
    my soul begans to loose
    will power,
    my mind started to corrupt
    as a dried whitherd flower,
    and at the brim of darkness
    I lay in my deep thought remembering all the miseries
    I fought,
    all of sudden,
    a glimpse of sparkle capture my heart,
    and all the things surrounding me
    started to vain,
    but oh god !
    I have to rise again


  • aayeshasarkare 6w

    She found within herself !

    Through the dungeon
    under the sparkling stars
    she found a light
    within herself,
    glistening in symphony
    through her soul,
    she captivates
    the ignite flames
    of power,
    which strengthen
    her mind,
    and around her heart
    it emboweres...

  • aayeshasarkare 6w

    Be selfish enough when it comes to your self-respect,
    Not everything should be taken for granted.

  • aayeshasarkare 6w

    Zindagi ka yehi safar hai,
    Har qadam par thehar hai,
    Woh tumpar museebat daalege,
    Tum haste hue museebaton ka saamna karna,
    Woh tumpar tauhmat lageyege,
    Tum usse apne mehnat se mitana ,
    Woh tumhe har jagah badnaam karege,
    Tum apni izzat aur unchi krna,
    Woh tumhe gairo ki tarah rakhege,
    Tum unhe apnapan seekhana,
    Woh tumhari kabiliyat par shak karege,
    Tum unhe apne hossale se buland krke dikhana,
    Woh tumhe neecha dikhega,
    Tum Aasman ki taraf dekha,
    Woh rab jo sirf ,
    Sachai ka saath deta hai,
    Woh tumhare bhi dega,
    Bas apni manzeel ko mat khona..

  • aayeshasarkare 6w

    Abondaned from the world,
    She lies tossing in pain
    Remembering those dark nights
    Hiding her scars , her marks
    Trying to erase her memories,
    But then she succumbed at her own
    Trying to get up each time, there was no one with her In those dark times
    She recall all those flashback,
    In which all humanity lacks,
    What was her fault ?
    That she dreamed something big,
    What was her fault?
    That she born in a male dominated society,
    What was her fault ?
    That she trusted this innocent
    Humans who hid a monsters
    Beneath them,
    Is this is her fault !
    She spent her entire life dreaming
    Of scaling heights,
    But all she got was a horrible painful night Struck in her memory

  • aayeshasarkare 6w

    She does not crave for ,
    Those sparkling things around her
    Cause she herself was a diamond
    Wanted by many ,
    But fetch by .

  • aayeshasarkare 6w

    A letter to myself

    “Dear me,
    I extremely felt sorry for you ,
    You always strived to fill others life full of joy and happiness , but your own life was miserably up and down . I felt pity for you , when you day and night cared for each and everyone around , but at the end of the day you tried to fight with your problems alone , seeing a way of a helping hand and get disappointed everytime. I felt sad for you when you filled up others broken heart , but you yourself was bleeding internally but acted stronged physically . I felt sorry for you when you smile everyday to hide your own problems from people , but you cried every night drenching your eyes with tears , I felt sorry that I didn't gave you enough self-importance and love which you deserved fully ."

  • aayeshasarkare 7w

    A bundle of emotions,
    Evolved in me,
    Transparency disappear,
    Like an agony,
    Revealing to myself,
    All the time,
    I felt it harder,
    When it's the toughest time,
    Evolving arround my space,
    I sense something astonishing,
    The grace has whitherd distruptly..
    The joy has bloom it's feathers fully

  • aayeshasarkare 7w

    They will keep pulling you down
    But ,
    Yes ! You have to keep climbing up.