writing is just a passion, but also more of a like thirst ,you need pen and paper to quench it

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  • abbaaliyarima 2w

    Charlie Charlie

    Make i Go Canada?
    Or stay and get roasted in naija?
    "Yes, Yes"

    Charlie Charlie
    Make i turn pencil seller?
    this poetry thing no dey pay.

    Charlie Charlie
    Do we need more DNA centre?
    or make we just let the matter slide?

    Charlie, are you the new Marley?
    I know you're having a hectic day,
    you're been summoned for long,
    Rest and pay a visit at Night.
    welcome to 9ja

  • abbaaliyarima 2w

    "Table for two" i said,
    "Table for one" she insisted,
    "why table for one?" i inquired confusingly,

    "Don't you want my cat to sit on the iroko tree you carry around while my tighs go seprate ways for war?" she replied wickedly with her eyes saying more than what would be said in 3years.

  • abbaaliyarima 2w

    Maiduguri-Damaturu Road

    I pray i live for hours to come, to tell my daughter about the insanity practiced on the middle of a road.

    A road we once enjoy the bumps and giggle to the coming lorry horns.

    A road decorated with flowers and smiling faces of children who help you with a bottle of water or sesame for sale.

    A road painted with beautiful women with Calabash of water on their head probably talking about their men.

    I will tell my daughter that the road we once took a trip on is now a drive by to our early grave.

    The only bump is that of a corpse and the only giggle comes when a happy trigger terrorist pulls the trigger.

    I don't know flowers hate the flow of innocent blood till i saw them shrinking and waving goodbye to their friends (Children).

    A road where death doesn't go on vacation and children are meant to carry guns.

    Where sad faces of women talk about the memories of their brave men.

    i will tell my daughter that we all have a story to tell, but most of the times we end up swallowing our stories on Maiduguri-Damaturu road.

  • abbaaliyarima 2w


    Ever heard of mortal men that enjoy the death of other mortals?

    The mention of their names awakes a newly born baby from sleep and take away slumber from mothers.

    Sanitizing their hands with the blood of the innocent,
    Masking their face with terror and insanity.

    Kissing mortal's neck with their knives is what gives them pleasure.

    Preaching In the language of War and terror.

    Holding captives like tiny birds in cages.
    I wonder when they would finally see the wrinkled praying faces of their mothers,
    or even touch the nostalgic skin of their loved ones.

  • abbaaliyarima 2w

    Boko Haram

    The northern wind carries your radical message to the ears of the weak,

    Are your guns and knives not tired of transporting poor lives to heaven gate every week?

    Why would you preach for us and end up killing us?

    Why would you go against your religious teachings then ?

    I pray the tomato i grew in my fathers backyard won't bleed when i cut it into two.

    you turn the whole land into a refugee camp,
    even in the daytime, our sisters have to walk with a lamp.

    Slit our throat and burst our brain open like omlet,
    For we shall all stand infront of "He" the King and we shall all account for our deeds.

  • abbaaliyarima 2w

    "i want that Abaya with green stones" her lips moves slowly pronouncing these words like a thick fruit salad been poured in a cup, her eyes were like the early night moon, soft warm and gentle. "Hajiya Sannu fa" i stammered to finally talk to her,She responded with "yauwa" accompanied with a smile that's filled with fragment of stars,i have never knew that the human face can be a whole galaxy until i saw her smiling, my mum once told me that Angels live in heaven but i bet this must have lost her ways to Earth.

  • abbaaliyarima 2w

    i said;

    "The moon smiled at me,
    and the stars winked at me,
    Are we sure you're not my destiny?"

    And she replied "

    "Destiny isn't Funny to say!
    if the moon smiles and the stars wink,
    what is there for me to care ?"

  • abbaaliyarima 3w


    i waited,
    i waited,just like a widow waiting to see her husband in her dreams,

    i waited,
    like a corpse laying in the grave without the knowledge of when he/she would be resurrected back to life.

    i waited,
    like Nigerians in the hands of their bad leaders waiting for messiah to be their saviour.

  • abbaaliyarima 3w


    Adorable like Dove,
    hard to find like job,
    Dangerous like mob,

    wrapped at times with betrayal,
    Unhappiness that often leads to funeral,
    full of lies and deceit like a criminal.

    sometimes,its layers is made up of passion,
    and bit of spices,
    filled with care and lust,
    wrapped with sacrifices.

  • abbaaliyarima 3w

    Layin Markade (Grinding queue)

    Layin Markade
    As the last Saturday of the year comes to an end,
    the bachelors are ended like SARS,
    people girlfriends/boyfriends are looted like palliatives,
    I wonder if bone straight is better than dowry,
    But who am i to wonder,
    Sorry for those whose Boo's are mistakenly married.
    The rainbow might be the most beautiful thing,
    But it still stops the pregnant clouds from giving birth.

    when its time for your bucket,
    Even without the ingredients it would be grinded,
    Remember, what make Romeo and Juliet to kick the bucket is "lack of patience",
    if not they would have been grinded too.
    Join the queue and keep your bucket,
    you never know what layin markade(grinding queue) have to offer.