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  • abdifatah 7h

    "Deep into the age of existential crisis. We know but we don't know "

  • abdifatah 1d

    time beguiles cosmos

  • abdifatah 1w

    اقول لكم عيدكم سعيد وعملكم سديد وعمركم مديد في عيش رغيد

  • abdifatah 3w

    Time will tell everything
    could you be patient enough to give the time a time?

  • abdifatah 3w

    Pearls shine as bright as they could but still we fell in love with the seashells

  • abdifatah 3w

    "It's not easy to let go" he said
    She answered, " sometimes it isn't easy to hold on either "

  • abdifatah 5w

    Flaws are the new fashion
    Embrace them

  • abdifatah 6w

    Don't be distracted by the allure of this world , or else you may merely become of it. Focus bettering the future which you cannot escape, rather the present that you cannot dictate.
    Focus on the interview with the one who needs no resume, rather than the judgment of those who are just as disposable as you

    We are souls with bodies, not bodies with souls.

  • abdifatah 6w

    Feelings fade
    Torments prevail

  • abdifatah 8w

    Clouds of chaos
    Brings rains of remorse