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  • abdulbasit369 18h

    @fahidhameed @bismanazir @twinkling_girl @seeratqureshi
    #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee
    تم جو اپنے آپ کو تباہ کیے بیٹھے تھے
    ایک بس میں تھا ، جو دلاسا دیتا گیا

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    You , my love !

    Your empoisoning escapades
    Of the gone
    Were nagging you
    To tag the nature , shady !
    But someone held on to hope
    Stayed strong
    To make you believe
    In your Lily-white figure
    Realising, there's more neath
    Unwrapping your layers
    He waited unbendedly
    For you to walk away
    From that haunting dusk
    Because he was sure
    That so much of you
    Is yet to bloom
    And so much of you
    Is still left
    Finally !
    The truth prevailed
    He came off
    By dissolving
    All of your fears
    And revived
    The actual YOU !


  • abdulbasit369 3w

    @nazirah @bismanazir @twinkling_girl #pod

    Compromising my independency
    Feeling of having never enough
    Will Aazadi free me someday ?
    Will my life be my own ?
    Can i say no ?
    Must i always listen ?
    Can i choose to accept and reject ?
    Can i , someday ?

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  • abdulbasit369 3w

    @writersnetwork @twinkling_girl @bismanazir @nazirah @tabinda_qureshi #pod

    Why had he gone away ?
    From creature comfort life
    Away from the cradle land
    And the blossoming gardens
    Why had he weighed to walk
    On a menacing and crooked path
    Or were the straight ways never there ?
    Fighting valiantly versus the Nero
    The shrouded body lay radiant
    Covering the blood soaked body
    Bleeding out his strength
    and the colour of love
    He loved his homeland !

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    War till victory

    Resistance in our bloodline
    Is enough to give you nightmares and
    Yells of our choked throats , you can't muffle ever !
    Altogether we will sweep away this
    Zabernism , one day , Insha Allah !


  • abdulbasit369 8w

    Online classes

    Ssshhhhhh !!!
    Scheduled time
    For Sir to deliver the lecture
    Everyone at their homes
    And in their respective rooms
    Earphones in and
    Leaning against cushions
    Dozing , yawning and lolling
    Some front cameras
    With some drought faces
    As it is only a titular class
    The class , where the tutor also
    Flees in the middest of lecture
    As the lines of network get dropped
    And students habitually chattering
    Some microphones are audible as
    They are in the midst of fish market
    And some are as dead as a doornail !


  • abdulbasit369 9w

    @nazirah @barixa @bismanazir @fahidhameed @twinkling_girl

    Our backs hold stories
    Not even the spine
    Of a book can handle ! #poetry

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    Covid vs Funeral of a martyr

    Can't you feel it
    It is in the aura
    The penic and dubiety
    Everything is shutting down
    Our schools , malls and what not !
    For it is corona
    A blazing flame
    Engulfing everything
    And everyone in its way
    The world calling for SPACING
    That spacing which is vain
    For the people of our motherland
    When it comes to show up
    The funeral of a warrior
    With ultra attendants
    Jolting with eachother
    And approaching the dais
    To have the glimpse
    Of the warrior
    For whom , the fear is unknown
    He is not scared of death !
    Crested helmet , drawn sword
    " For the motherland "


  • abdulbasit369 45w

    Library girl



    On Lips

    On mid vault

    Sssshhhhh Quiet

    Sit Down


    Looked up

    Her Book

    Smile passed

    Thinking of
    I'm here to read

  • abdulbasit369 45w

    She’s temptress
    She’s liar
    She’s wisdom
    She’s universe
    She’s limitation
    She’s an opinion
    Or a truth

    She is a #book

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @zariie @nazirah @bismanazir @fahidhameed @asmakhan @twinkling_girl @in_shaa @barixa

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    Touch her chine
    Feel the cracks
    And the curls

    Breathe her in
    The scented earthy smell

    She’ll tell you stories
    Trap you in worlds
    With her words

    With time
    Her pricy smooth exterior 
    Will be fissured aged leather
    But loving attention
    Gives her lines to smile
    And she’ll never lose
    Her enticing allure

    She’ll leave you
    Feeling that you’ve
    Finished with her
    But you’ll be left lonely
    In your own head
    Yenning for her 
    To weave you
    More wonders


  • abdulbasit369 50w

    Father's day

    He gave me the
    Indissoluble part of him
    Which i will never
    Untie or lop
    He never halted me
    To assimilate
    From failing
    But always came running
    To my mewling


  • abdulbasit369 72w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld #pod

    Remembered for aeons
    That night
    when all our secrets were vivified
    and memories explored

    Our quondam
    was star naked
    As we set out
    ourselves to the flat

    You look back
    at the life you had
    the mistakes you made
    the debits you paid
    the wounds you bled
    the words you read
    the songs you penned
    the memories you upkept
    the tears you wept
    the souvenirs you redeemed
    the paths you paved
    the dolours you gulped
    The love you craved

    But it was all "A bygone" , you said

    You are now
    A changed YOU

    You love yourself now
    from the blister in your eyes
    to the pitch of your laugh
    And the colour of your hair too

    From every wrinkle
    to every crinkle
    every part of you
    from your weight
    to your height

    you are all "portentous" , you said

    That night thus remembered
    for aeons and more !


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    Born from ashes

    She was burnt
    And reduced to ashes
    But the crave for love
    Was amply for her
    To get reborn
    From unkempt ashes


  • abdulbasit369 84w

    The fourteen years of olden
    And precisely the twofold of here
    The Nero ,
    Not at peace
    Screening the panorama
    Now and then
    Knowing it well
    Despotism is evanescent
    And just a puff of downtrods
    Is decent for their nihility !!!

    May oppression and oppressors get destroyed soon ,, Aameen ��

    @nazirah @fahidhameed @shariq_eitoo @twinkling_girl @umer__ @naqiyah_bushra @in_shaa @laiba_a @barixa @bariya_hamid

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