Dedication, Hardwork ➕ patience

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  • abdurroheem 8w

    A lot of life is about the Lens
    Imagine how the same object can look taken away from two different cameras.
    Reframe your mind into high quality camera lens,
    Details can change your life.

  • abdurroheem 21w

    Should I be chasing freedom or more

    Maybe that's the challenge..

    How free can I be while holding the weight of
    the world..

    Mine at least.

  • abdurroheem 31w

    I have search
    hard of the face of Earth
    trying to find a purpose.
    I try to see what's in front of me
    but the raging storm and it dark mist has blinded my eyes.
    I am nothing if I loose
    I am nothing if I don't fight this war
    a war of heart.
    all the things I want
    all the things I need
    are right here in front of me
    but I am nothing if I can't see them.
    I need love to save me from this emptiness.
    I am nothing.

  • abdurroheem 33w

    Use gratitude fiercely
    let it snatch you out of your
    misery and change your perspective instantly
    It will hold you back
    from going deep down
    the road of negative thoughts
    that will always try to overpower you
    and even swallow you whole
    if it could as you're
    the only thing it feeds
    on to keep it alive
    with a decision of gratitude
    you change everything

  • abdurroheem 48w

    Don't know what to say more than this,
    Don't know if I can,
    The single sentence tells a thousand words,
    The ones I ask myself.
    I wonder day and night,
    What made you change yourself,
    I failed to find the real you,
    For you've hid yourself,
    It's a place that only you can find,
    For it's deep down somewhere,
    A place you've locked with hundred chains,
    A place deep down yourself.
    I ask myself this everyday,
    I ask you this today,
    Where is the soul you once carried,
    Where is the person you used to be?

  • abdurroheem 64w

    Stop the dispensable thoughts,
    Don't blame yourself for it,
    Don't let yourself down,
    Don't feel unworthy,
    Don't call yourself a nobody,
    Don't torture your body,
    Don't torment your mind,
    Don't lose hope,
    Don't hate yourself,
    Don't give up,
    Don't curse life,
    Don't wish for death,
    Just don't do that to yourself.
    You're in this world cuz you're needed,
    You're here cuz you matter,
    You live cuz u deserve to live,

    You're needed, you're important,
    You're enough, you're loved ✊

  • abdurroheem 70w

    At peace,
    Listening to the silence tell me everything I need to know.

    No more wishing on stars
    The sky is my home.

    Waves do settle after they crash.

    I've been wet...

    But I will live to dry off in the sun another day.


  • abdurroheem 73w

    Life has become a series of struggles. A series of challenges. Each day, everyday, I make mistakes, I lose hope, I underestimate myself. And each day, everyday, I stand up, I hope again, I work again. It's an unceasing cycle which helps me grow. The constant feeling of being not good enough drains my energy. It makes me weak. I fight it. Or at least try to. My mind is always filled with thoughts, and sometimes, all these thoughts tangled up , results in no thoughts at all.
    I challenge myself everyday. To overcome a fear, or change a habit ; which includes fear of being alone, weak and so on. I've stopped over expecting from people. Which provides peace I need in my life. I really don't know what I wrote. I just poured my heart out, I wrote what my mind stores. I wrote this not to impress anyone, but to tell that I'm a fighter. I fight with the struggles life throws in my way. I fall again and again, but I pick myself up from the ground and continue my journey. No matter what happens, I'm not gonna stop moving, hoping, I'm not gonna stop fighting.
    And so shouldn't you. If I can hope, so can you. We're the same. One way or other. Whoever you are, you got this. You're strong. We're strong ❤
    - Ludarr

  • abdurroheem 77w

    Scars are the footprints to our reflection.
    We keep them as relics for who we are
    And what we have gone through.
    The physical ones we can literally explain,
    if we remember.... But the emotional ones.
    They have a way of hiding within our heart,
    forcing us to uncover layers in between blinks and incomplete sentences like " why am i like..."

    The scars we can't display are always begging to be seen!


  • abdurroheem 84w

    Thoughts become things. "If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hands". Speak it into existence and work towards it.