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  • abhijeet5 8w

    World sucks

    The more we know about the world, the more we feel sad for our existence.

  • abhijeet5 10w

    Character of a Happy Life

    How happy is he born Or taught
    That serveth not another's will

    Whose passions not his masters are,
    Who hath his life rumours freed,
    Who envies none whom chance doth raise, nor envies.

    This man is free from servile bands
    Of hope to rise , nor fear to fall.
    Lord of himself, though not of lands,
    And having nothing, he hath all.

  • abhijeet5 13w

    Something changed

    Used to have a thirst to chat with someone,
    Learned how to be happy by not involving with others.

    Used to isolate my self from others,
    Learnt how to copeup with others rude behavior.

    Used to throw words which may lead to argument,
    Learnt how many words you throw there will never be a change in people.

    Used to think less about family,
    Learnt that only people who wants my well being is my family.

    Used to talk about sorrows at nights.
    Learnt that Sorrow will never leave us but we need to move on


  • abhijeet5 25w

    Am Storing too much of feelings for which reasons I can't talk with anyone.
    Coz I don't want to become odd one out in a bunch of happy living souls .
    I want to be a happy soul but life it is testing me every time and every time I am failing.
    Last time I checked , I was peacefull when I was 12.

  • abhijeet5 25w

    Family that is broken , never going to come into shape again .

  • abhijeet5 25w

    Everyone want to lead a perfect life, but situations make it perfectly imperfect.

  • abhijeet5 29w

    Suffering depends on how we see the problems

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    Not every sad face has unsolvable problems ,
    Not every laughing face has solvable problems.

  • abhijeet5 29w

    I always wanted to say this but she don't even want me to know her whereabouts ...

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    I am the sole reason

    I know I hurted you so many times,
    I irritated you from the very beginning ,
    I agree I behaved too possessive ,
    I agree I am not what you wanted me to be ,
    I agree I always do what I shouldn't be doing ,
    I know it is going to end,
    I thought it would be better if the end would be bought by me myself that is the reason I behaved like that .
    Yes I agree I am the sole reason.

  • abhijeet5 34w

    The boy asked
    "why did we brokeup then "
    The girl replied
    "You are always good enough for me ,
    You are just not good enough for you"

  • abhijeet5 35w

    Dreamer for-ever

    The Dream of Dreaming a Dream to achieve a Dream is still a Dream .