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  • abhishruti_ 1d

    The illusion of forever betrays reality.

  • abhishruti_ 1d

    Why people want everything permanently, when life itself is temporary?

  • abhishruti_ 2d

    People may have broken friendship with you,but they will never delete their pictures with you,cause they don't want to ruin their feed! Simple!

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    You stay,I live

    At night,something shines
    At the back of the stars,
    In the bottom of my heart
    Starting from the footsteps till every
    Wink of eyes
    You stay,that shines
    Within me..till the stars..

  • abhishruti_ 1w

    Once a cheater,always a cheater

  • abhishruti_ 2w

    Jaan ke bhi tu nahi aayega baapas,
    Yeh dil phir bhi chahta hai teri mohabbat..
    Ek baar toh aaja phirse
    Aasmaan mein kitna chamkega,
    Tu toh hai humare dil mein dharakta...
    Kehtaa Hain yeh dil bechara,
    Kehtaa Hain yeh dil bechara...

  • abhishruti_ 2w

    It hurts more to know that Sushant was killed than to know he committed suicide.

  • abhishruti_ 2w

    "Pain demands to be felt" said John Green.
    Happiness wishes to be ignored,I said.

  • abhishruti_ 2w

    Never care about what people talk behind your back.Never believe what people say at your face.

  • abhishruti_ 3w

    Childhood-the time when happiness wasn't a lie.